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  • serapion@btinternet.com
    I see that some silly person has copied the Chadbourne about Margaret Johnson working with Lester Young from Ailing Music Guide into Wiki (but here wonky)
    Message 1 of 9 , May 1 3:40 PM
      I see that some silly person has copied the Chadbourne about Margaret Johnson working with Lester Young from Ailing Music Guide into Wiki (but here wonky) pedia.

      Margaret "Countess" or "Queenie" Johnson was a girl prodigy on piano, and her life is well documented. There was so little of it. So it's even worse that the cad Chavbrains should seek to bury her in a fake entry about an earlier singer.
      If they were the same it would have been a little more obvious that the woman who later recorded with Lester Young was only four years old when she supposedly recorded with was it Bechet (how much grease does a girl of that age need in her frying pan?) ?

      The beast some call Eugene Chadbourne is actually a banjo-player. I am not joking! When still living in Germany I decided against going to see him playing in the band of a Japanese lady who seemed more likely to be sending up 1920s cliches according to 21st century prejudices, than actually to be serving musical ends in their Waller programme. Who knows, I might have forestalled the writing of some rubbish if I'd gone along, since the surgical extraction of a banjo whence I might have thrust his would have been a potentially life-threatening procedure.

      If anyone has the expertise to adjust the wiki entry on Margaret Johnson and could also upload one for the other lady I'd be delighted to assist. There is plenty on "Countess" Johnson (as I recall she was known as "Queenie" normally but her one recording session was with Basie sidemen -- Ruby Braff enthuses about it in his immortal interview with Jim Godbolt). She died of TB aged around twenty.

      Eugene Chadbourne does present evidence of being a self-serving swollen-headed sheud and pschitt. The added excrescence in Wikipedia is credited to ALL MUSIC GUIDE. They were singularly unresponsive when I complained about the Chadbournism of the George Chisholm entry.

      all the best to you all,

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Bob Eagle <prof_hi_jinx@...> wrote:
      > I agree that this writing is better than most of his stuff, but it still suffers from the fact that he can't contribute any original research to save himself.
      > Others have repeated the old canard about Margaret Johnson turning to piano accompaniments in later years, but it is a common name and there is nothing to show that they are the same person.  It seems most likely that the pianist was at least a decade younger than the singer, and indications are that they came from totally different parts of the country.
      > Churnbad and his ilk can survive only because of the dearth of evidence about a lot of early performers (both jazz and blues) which allows them to indulge in fantasy and supposition without hindrance.
      > Bob
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      > I think I have found what is possibly Churnbad's best writing. He seems to really like singer Margaret Johnson. Take a look:
      > http://www.amazon com/Margaret- Johnson/e/ B000APVOQY/ ref=ac_dpt_ sa_bio
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