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  • Bob Eagle
    Peter, she also made Gold Daddy Blues at the same session.    Both titles were composed by Hattie Burleson, who was a noted singer/ songwriter and seems to
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 31, 2010
      Peter, she also made "Gold Daddy Blues" at the same session. 
      Both titles were composed by Hattie Burleson, who was a noted singer/ songwriter and seems to have acted as a talent scout for Columbia.  The songs, recorded on 6 December 1927, were issued by Columbia #14313-D.
      Accompaniment was by Willie Tyson (p), Octave Gaspard (tu) and an unidentified guitarist.  Hattie Hudson (=Burleson?) recorded immediately before Gertrude (accompanied by Tyson) and singer/ guitarist Coley Jones recorded immediately afterwards, so he is possibly the guitarist present.  (Alternatively, Sam Harris from Coley's "Dallas String Band", may be the guitarist).
      However Lillian Glinn had recorded a few days earlier with a similar group, and it is possible that Gaspard and the guitarist may have been drawn from Frenchy's String Band (who seem to be her backing from a session six months later).  Billiken Johnson had also recorded the day after Glinn, with backing by Tyson and Gaspard, so they appear to have been acting as a session group, somewhat like Charlie Williamson and Will Shade in Memphis, and Don Albert in Texas.
      Gaspard, who was born in Louisiana (you thought elsewhere?) in about 1870, was living at Dallas in 1930.
      Burleson's family lived near Dallas, and it's likely that Gertrude was living in or near Dallas when recorded.

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      Hi All
      I have been playing some LP's inherited from my father,
      one of which is a Folkways entitled JAZZ 2 "The Blues".
      One of the tracks is by a singer Gertrude Perkins, called
      "No Easy Rider Blues", recorded with unknown guitar and
      tuba (as far as I can tell)in 1928.
      Can anybody shed some light on her please, and on the track.
      According to Frederic Ramsey Jr, this is the only track she
      Peter L. Reid

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