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  • Mordechai Litzman
    My source for this information comes from the record jackets of a 3 LP series entitled Louis Armstrong s 50 Hot Choruses for Cornet as Recreated by Bent
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      My source for this information comes from the record jackets of a 3 LP series entitled "Louis Armstrong's 50 Hot Choruses for Cornet as Recreated by Bent Persson" on the Kenneth label from Sweden. I quote:
      "During the Chicago days I was sharing an office with Walter Melrose of the 'Melrose Music Co.' One day, in 1927, Melrose said that he was going to publish a set of Louis Armstrong breaks but there was a technical problem of getting the Armstrong 'hot' breaks down on paper. Finally, Melrose and I hit upon the idea of having Armstrong record his breaks. We bought a $15 Edison cylinder phonograph and 50 wax cylinders, gave them to Louis and told him to play. The cylinders were duly filled up by Armstrong and the 'breaks' were copied into written form. I transcribed the 'breaks', which were published. These were not orchestrated at any time, and were not made for that purpose."
      The Elmer Schoebel story, Doctor Jazz No. 32 (Oct 1968).

      The people in Sweden involved in this project spent years tracking down the tunes that are represented by the transcribed sheet music solos and breaks; it is possible that a few tunes have not been found yet.

      IMHO, the above quote sounds plausible. According to the LP jacket information, the sheet music covers 53 solos and 119 breaks, and their method of capturing Louis' playing makes sense to me. I do not have access to the source quoted, but maybe the discographers/researchers in the RHJ group can verify this information.

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      This is somebody¹s misunderstanding of ³cylinders². Long ago the idea was
      dreamed up that the portfolio of Armstrong solos published by Melrose must
      have been based on recordings of those solos on dictaphone cylinders. As far
      as I know this is just a fairy tale.

      Recordings based on these ³lost recordings² are simply played from the sheet

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      >> > One of the 50 solos that Louis Armstrong recorded in 1927 on piano rolls
      > Sorry about my ignorance, do I have to clearly understand that he recorded
      > *piano* solos?
      > Patrice

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