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Re: Opinion on "Gennett Jazz" box

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  • hans.eekhoff
    And there are two very interesting Gennett CD s from Timeless: Those Fabulous Gennetts Vol. 1 http://www.timelessjazz.com/product_info.php?products_id=86 And
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 25, 2009
      And there are two very interesting Gennett CD's from Timeless: Those Fabulous Gennetts Vol. 1


      And Vol. 2


      Furthermore, the neglected, yet very interesting Gennett sides by Bernie Cummins and his Orchestra have also been issued on a Timeless CD:


      Hans Eekhoff

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, "Michael" <Rader.Michael@...> wrote:
      > Joe Bussard has become something of a cult figure through extensive press coverage and the film documentary „Desperate Man Blues". Old Hot Record issued a well-restored quirky cross-section of Joe interests and JSP has released a number of box sets bearing the legend „From the Joe Bussard Collection". The latest offering is called „Gennett Jazz" and is another rather quirky compilation containing a bulk of frequently issued classics available in good sound elsewhere plus odds and ends never to my knowledge issued elsewhere. In the former category we have King Oliver's Creole Band, the Friars' Society Orchestra, Jelly Roll Morton, the Wolverines, Ladd's Black Aces and the Red Onion Jazz Babies. In the latter, sides by the California Vagabonds, the Windy City Jazzers, Kentucky Blue Blowers or Porter's Blue Blues. Volume C is by female blues singers probably all around in at least as good sound on various Document stable CDs.
      > To be frank, most sides sound as if they come from the cassettes Joe sold for 50c per track processed with default settings on Audacity or similar software, although some tracks turn out quite acceptable, presumably because they were from decent originals.
      > When I first bought a copy of „Rust", I drew up a list of records I particularly wanted to hear. This included Ezzra Buzzington's Rustic Revellers, one of whose sides was at last reissued on a Yazoo Jug Band CD. By then I was aware that the band was a precursor of the Hoosier Hot Shots, something apparently lost on Pat Harrison, who wrote the notes to the JSP set. Rather frustrating about the Yazoo set was that it only had one of the two different titles recorded at the session, but the JSP reissue reveals that this a completely different sounding band augmented with trumpet, trombone and tuba, which is more in a jazz/hot dance vein than its session mate. There is another spasm band side, „Bringing Home The Bacon" by the Windy City Jazzers – a little like the Mound City Blue Blowers.
      > The JSP has a generous share of split couplings or individual items from longer sessions, for instance by Zack Whyte's Chocolate Beau Brummels, Jelly James & his Fewsicians, the Triangle Harmony Boys or Frank Bunch and his Fuzzy Wuzzies Porter's Blue Devils also belong into this category, but the set does at least include both titles from the first session. Apart from its location in Chicago, nothing is known about this band and the two titles duplicate a coupling by Tom Morris' Past Jazz Masters. The recordings are marred by a multitude of novelty effects and the clarinet solos are barely adequate, but the rhythm section lopes along nicely and there is an interesting trumpet soloist who sounds as he had heard Freddie Keppard, but also playing effects only to make it onto record in Rex Stewart's early blloming.
      > It is also worth noting that the CD contains Frank Melrose's „Pass The Jug" and „Jelly Roll Stomp", which are missing from the GHB stable Black Swan CD by Melrose.
      > Joe Bussard's copies of the originals most likely aren't always the best issues availbale for reissue, so that it's difficult to identify the buyers to whom this is likely to appeal. Jazz Oracle has two excellent Gennett compilations „Gennett Rarities" and „Richmond Rarities", each of which is better value than this box and anyone curious about the new items should either buy them individually as downloads (hopefully available soon) or wait until someone does the job of reissuing them properly. I only hope that Joe Bussardgets royalties so that there is at least someone to benefit.
      > Michael Rader
      > Karlsruhe,
      > Germany
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