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Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: recordings on the RHJ web site

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  • Patrice Champarou
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      Subject: [RedHotJazz] Re: recordings on the RHJ web site

      > I think, Dave, that nothing has been posted on the the site regarding
      > these bands. Even though we may have a lot of information (personally)
      > on many of the bands listed, it has not been shared yet. I have
      > intended to do a dissertation on the Dutch Ramblers for a long time.
      > but, alas, I haven't yet: grandchildren are calling. I think that the
      > intention is to share whatever we have and make it available to whomever
      > is interested,

      Technically speaking, all that appears in white on the website is no link.
      This applies to all numbers for which no sound file has been provided, and
      all bands which are only mentioned for reference - sometimes as part of a
      musician's main page.
      Scott has not been around for a while, but I know some of the latest
      contributions to the site were sent by others - I remember filling in three
      previously blank entries from the Django Reinhardt page myself. No idea if
      Scott would be willing to add some more, some of us (Albert?) are in closer
      contact with him... but if the perspective of adding new pages with
      discography occured, I wouldn't mind doing the nasty part (I mean the fairly
      easy html coding) so that the only remaining task would be to upload the
      page(s) and edit the main link(s).

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