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Did Andy Sannella record with Mike Markel

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  • Fredrik Tersmeden
    [This question has already been pousted in another Yahoo group, but I hope noone minds me posting it here too in order to hopefully get more answers. /Fredrik]
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 21, 2008
      [This question has already been pousted in another Yahoo group, but I hope noone minds
      me posting it here too in order to hopefully get more answers. /Fredrik]

      A couple of months ago I wrote an article on Wikipedia about Andy
      Sannella (first for for the Swedish-language version; later I also
      made an attempt to translate it to the English edition:
      http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Andy_Sannella ). Among my sources for the
      article was John Chilton's standard work "Who's Who Of Jazz", which
      has a brief, rather sketchy entry on Sannella.

      In this entry Chilton says that Sannella "[p]layed with Mike Marker
      Orchestra" in the early 1920s. I assumed that this was merely a typo
      and that Mike Marker was actuall Mike Markel, which is what I've
      written in my article. Thus my first question is: was I right in
      assuming so? Or were there actually two bandleaders at the time with
      two so similar last names as Markel and Marker?

      My second, and perhaps more interesting, question is: if Sannella
      really played with Markel, did he also record with him?

      For the period concerned (from 1922 when Sannella returned from Panama
      City to late 1923 when he seems to have joined Ray Miller) Rust's
      dance band disco gives the following personnel for Markel's band:

      Mike Markel (pn) dir: Hymie Farberman & Marty Berger (tp), Fred
      Schilling (tb), ? (as), ? (bsx), Eddie Davis (vn), Frank Gravito (bj),
      ? (bb), ? (dr).

      As can be seen no names are given for the orchestra's reed section.
      Might Sannella hide in this anonymousity? My main problem in trying to
      answer this question myself is that I have only a singel Markel record
      from this period in my collection: "The Sneak", recorded on June 21,
      1922. I'm listening to this side (on a reissue on the Swedish-German
      Ekophon label) As I'm writing, trying to hear any "trade mark"
      Sannella playing. an alto sax is indeed featured generously throughout
      the side, but it is played in a typical early 1920s novelty style,
      more reminicent of the work of for example Nathan Glantz than of the
      characteristic Sannella deep-register sound of Sannella at the end of
      the decade*). Which of course leads to the question: did Sannella
      sound the same in 1922 and, for example, 1928? Born in 1900 he was
      still a young man through the entire decade and possibly still

      I'd be happy to get some input from other group members who might have
      more Markel records from this period and are familiar with Sannella's
      style. Do you hear him on any such records?

      Perhaps someone even has more detailed information on exactly when
      Sannella was a member of Markel's band?


      *) Perhaps with the exception of the very last chorus of the record
      were the sax is played lower and does sound somewhat "sannellish".
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