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Re: Smithsonian Global Sound - Folkways

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  • soundofcd
    I seldom get the time to post anything to this site nowadays, but I would like to expand on Michael Rader s comments below. First of all, the entire
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 29, 2008
      I seldom get the time to post anything to this site nowadays, but I
      would like to expand on Michael Rader's comments below.

      First of all, the entire Folkways/Smithsonian catalogue can be
      downloaded from this site. That includes all the stuff which
      Smithsonian have released since they took over the Folkways catalogue.

      Secondly, downloads are 99c per track, up to a maximum of $9.99c per
      disc. So they're eminently affordable.

      Also, the downloads are available in MP3 as well as .flac.

      There is a slight downside in that the recordings have not been
      remastered, unless they've been cleaned up for reissue on CD. Also,
      the Liner notes come in PDFs, and they've been photocopied from the
      original booklets. That can make them difficult to read, and awkward
      to print out, since there's usually yards and yards of black all the
      way round the margins.

      Having said that, this is one heck of a way to catch up on a lot of
      material which I could never get hold of while Moe Asch was alive,
      and much of which will never be reissued in digital form now he's

      Incidentally, there isn't a huge amount of jazz on the site, but
      redhotjazzers should note the The Music of New Orleans set (5 volumes
      I think) which Folkways issued in the mid 1950s.

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      <Rader.Michael@...> wrote:
      > List members might like to know that many Folkways and Cook LPs are
      > available for download or as special production CDs from the
      > Smithsonian Institute's Global Sound site
      > (http://www.smithsonianglobalsound.org/). There are several items of
      > interest to this list, such as the Baby Dodds solos, Emile Barnes,
      > Jimmy Clayton and some Town Hall Concerts on Folkways and recordings
      > by Lizzie Miles on Cook.The downloads are in .flac
      > format, which is said to be lossless when converted into .wav for CD
      > burns. The liner notes are available as downloads, so that you lose
      > nothing by downloading and also avoid postage, delays if far from
      > Washington. I've used the service once without any hitch and am
      > contemplating buying more. >
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