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Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Waller Piano roll Pipe Organ solos

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  • Dan Van Landingham
    Some years back I found an LP of Fats Waller at the organ but if I remember correctly,a device was adapted to an organ a la player piano.It s in my LP
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      Some years back I found an LP of Fats Waller at the organ but if I remember correctly,a
      device was adapted to an organ a la player piano.It's in my LP collection.I found it at so-
      me thrift store.

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      Subject: [RedHotJazz] Re: Waller Piano roll Pipe Organ solos
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      Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2008, 8:45 PM

      I've heard this recording.

      It sounds neat but still is not the same thing as the piano rolls
      played on a player piano. These rolls were not meant for an organ.
      (unlike many other kinds of rolls, such as Filmusic and POP 88-note
      rolls which were arranged to be played on photoplayers with organ pipes)

      It is too bad Fats didn't make rolls for Aeolian or Kimball-Welte or
      one of those companies which had studios for recording reproducing
      pipe organ rolls (to be played back on a compatible organ; the rolls
      are a special scale).

      In my experience most of the reproducing organ companies liked the
      classical and semi-classical (and particularly the "romantic" period)
      organ repertoire, and didn't bother much with popular stuff. Jazz pipe
      organ was a far-out concept in the 1920's when these things were
      popular. (that is not to say there aren't great performances on these
      organ rolls... there ARE. Just not Jazz performances)

      Remember that most of these organs were sold as residence organs to
      wealthy people who generally didn't care much for jazz at that time.
      The jazz on automatic organs of the 1920's is more often found on the
      folding cardboard books arranged for Belgian dance organs from that
      period to the present time (Mortier, Decap, etc.). There are also some
      fine hot dance arrangements on Weber orchestrion rolls of the period,
      such as the Maesto.


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      > Many thanks for the detailed list! The first eleven appear in
      > exactly that order on my LP (assuming 'Last Man' is 'You Can't Do
      > What My Last Man Did') and since the book is mentioned as a
      > reference, I suppose it was published before the record came out.That
      > makes 8 more at least - more expectations added to my long wishlist ;)
      > Patrice>
      > I would like to mention i have an lp of an interesting concept
      > utilizing Fats Wallers piano rolls.I have a Living Era lp AJA5007
      > that has 14 Fats Waller piano rolls transposed to a pipe organ so it
      > is basically the piano rolls played through a pipe organ.The lp
      > states, "From the player piano mechanism all the contacts are
      > connected through into the main organ manual ie:The great organ on
      > the master console."
      > Someone apparently found a way to connect a player piano to a pipe
      > organ and re-record Fats Waller's piano rolls as pipe organ solos.
      > Which i think is a very interesting concept as Fats Waller did record
      > a number of pipe organ solos for Victor.
      > The lp states "transcribed from piano rolls recorded 1923-1927"
      > There are 14 piano roll pipe organ solos on the lp.

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