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AW: [RedHotJazz] JSP 600s

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  • Rader, Michael
    Bonjour Patrice, Maybe this is slightly OT, but anyway you re the moderator (;-) and I know exactly what you mean: there was a partwork series by Orbis called
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 29, 2004
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      Bonjour Patrice,

      Maybe this is slightly OT, but anyway you're the moderator (;-) and I know exactly what you mean: there was a partwork series by Orbis called "The Blues Collection", which covered the entire range of blues from the 20s to the 90s. My wife bought me the first issue and encouraged me to subscribe(!). The CDs are something of a mixed bag with some recordings that have been reissued to death. But at one time, I was doing work in the basement and put on a newly arrived CD in the series called the "Thirties Blues" or it might have been the Texas Blues set. The latter includes some sides accompanied by jazz musicians (just to get back on topic). Anyway, I was immediately struck by the quality of th sound coming from my speakers - not what you would expect of a cheap magazine. After donning my glasses (;-(), I found that the credits included transfers by John R.T. Davies. In fact he did several CDs for this series, which are really hidden treasures.

      As for the Beatles, it seems that George Harrison always took a ukelele with him on his travels (at least after the Beatles split) and Paul McCartney does a tribute (I think "Something") to this on the Concert for George DVD (which my wife bought, I must hasten to add ;-). The JSP box, restored by Ted Kendall, refers to Harrison's love for Formby.

      To get back on topic, and since I know that you like Django, do you have the JSP "Django in Rome" set and what is your opinion on the music (latter-day Django)? I know that Frémeaux has an extremely comprehensive Django reissue, but I also know that many people prefer Ted Kendall's restoration work.


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      Von: Patrice Champarou [mailto:patrice.champarou@...]
      Gesendet: Mittwoch, 29. September 2004 10:16
      An: RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com
      Betreff: Re: [RedHotJazz] JSP 600s

      Hello Michael

      >Then I realised you meant
      > their vintage blues reissues like Gus Cannon or the Memphis Jug Band.

      I'm afraid I'm always a bit elliptic, whatever the language;)
      Actually - and without any regards to the series numbers - I was thinking of
      the shock I had when I first heard the quality of the sound; just after
      Frank Stokes I came across their Lonnie Johnson (335) which included his
      sides with Armstrong and my "top three" Ellingtons, it was just as if I
      heard them for the first time!
      I know about their more recent releases and keep buying, they take more and
      more room on my shelves, but I suppose that comments upon these should
      rather go to the pre-war-blues group ;)

      > If you have a continuing interest in the Beatles,
      The what? ;)

      Patrice (sorry about possible typos, lost my glasses)

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