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Re: Avery "Kid" Howard

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  • Tommer
    ... music ... the rediscovery of ... The liner notes has Russel s letter about the session. =========Quote: He (George Lewis) said he had Kid Howard for the
    Message 1 of 12 , Jun 16, 2008
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      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, "David Brown" <johnhaleysims@...>
      > Many thanks Robert and Robert.
      > Mr Tommer. The origins and effect of the 'revival' on George and N.O.
      > we have done well on this forum previously.
      > I asked whether Howard, from a slightly later generation, had to amend
      > playing style and repertoire to fit the demands made by
      the 'rediscovery' of
      > N.O. music by Bill Russell and others in the early 40s.
      The liner notes has Russel's letter about the session.
      "He (George Lewis) said he had Kid Howard for the recording and would
      be the best trunpet available and would surprise me. He also had told
      him to play on (in the range of) the staff."
      "Hearing this orchestra, composed mostly of unknowns, play such pieces
      as Milneberg Joys, Don't Go Way Nobody,Climax Rag, Just a Little While
      to Stay Here, should convince anyone that New Orleans Jazz is in no
      more danger of extinction than the musty odor of the French Quarter."
      "Practically none can read music, yet they rarely even had to rehearse
      a piece, usually someone would just say which key they should play it
      in and they start right off and record it without a hitch. It was
      really the best jazz orchestra that could be gotten together any place
      in the country."
      "They also improvised a few fine blues as well as playing old tunes
      which dated back to the 1890's"
      =========end quote

      This just show how brilliant was Lewis, he gave Russel what Russel
      wanted and more. The recordings shows how good these guys were at
      strict and hot original music improvised: they gave Russel what he
      wanted : never heard before and authentic music which is continuum of
      the New Orleans Jazz.

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