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Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Re-creation and all that jazz

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  • Mordechai Litzman
    Recreation? Re-creation? I vote for both! When it comes to the music we love I always think of this saying: If it ain t got that swing, it ain t got a thing...
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      Recreation? Re-creation? I vote for both! When it comes to the music we love I always think of this saying: If it ain't got that swing, it ain't got a thing...
      Just as a test I played Maple Leaf Rag from 2/2/42 with Bunk Johnson (his first recordings on American Music CD 41). This is the proof of the legend of getting him new false teeth and an old trumpet and recording him on a portable tape recorder. The recording has very poor sound and Bunk makes a ton of mistakes. Only tp and the tape recorder, but the emotion and feeling is there and it is a beautiful and unusually stirring recording.

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      When the Tuxedo finished doing a rehearsal for Mardi Gras, and the band
      members gathered at a corner bar for refreshments, we asked them what they
      were doing that night. They (Handy was one) remarked that we wouln't be
      interested, that they were playing rock 'n roll at a private function.. Wow!
      Recreation or re-creation? No, it was what they did.
      We, kids in a land far from Provence, Spain, wartime France, State Street,
      Rolling Fork or Perdido Street, searching for some force that would activate
      our receptors, suddenly lurch upon something, be it (in my small case) Klee,
      Seurat, Ernst Haas, Robert Capa, Hemingway, Steinbeck, John Lodiwick,
      Stanley Kramer, Rosselini, Leadbelly, Satch, Doctor Clayton, Dodds, Bunk or
      Wooden Joe.. Doesn't matter where it comes from. An old man sitting outside
      the bull-fights in Mexico City, with a guitar and gut-wrenching vocals - a
      Spanish Blind Lemon - can do it for you; or Donegan at the Finsbury Park
      Empire, with Ashman on bass, laying in to Ain't no more cane on the Brazis
      can do it; or Cy at that dingy dive near the Windmill, doing searing,
      heartfelt Dodds can get through.One could go on, and on. There's an
      emotional reaction that tells you that this is the way you want to paint,
      take pictures, make movies, or play music.Like Jelly hearing Mamie Desdumes,
      and learning the blues.
      Recordings replaced the aural tradition, and muscial evolution was speeded
      up. But Sammy Rimington hearing George Lewis on record is not all that
      different from Josh learning from Blind Lemon, or Bubber Miley hearing Joe
      Oliver. The riverboats carried the music upstream from New Orleans; the
      American Music LPs, the Biltmore reissues, the Folkways LPs, carried the
      music to the world..
      Ain't we the lucky ones?
      Sadly, we can't even blame the terminal state of the music on the Beatles or
      Dylan. We love them, too, even though they changed the landscape and
      consigned the music we love to the backburner, maybe forever.
      Tony S..

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      > Generally re-creations leave me cold. Usually it seems to me the
      > sole advantage is better fidelity than the original. Jazz is a music
      > capable of endless variations and I certainly prefer to hear someone
      > doing their own thing rather than trying to recreate something from
      > the past.
      > I would much rather hear the original again.
      > On the other hand the playing of new material in an older style
      > doesn't seem to me to be a recreation. We don't know how for example
      > the Oliver band would have played Livery Stable Blues or any of the
      > current material of the time that they didn't record, so maybe it
      > would be fun to hear a band using that style play it.
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