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Worlds of Trad March 2008 Upload

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  • Fredamhran@aol.com
    Hi Folks, The March 2008 edition of Worlds of Trad Internet radio is now uploaded, will be on-line until Wednesday April 9th, and features three hours of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 13, 2008
      Hi Folks,

      The March 2008 edition of Worlds of Trad Internet radio is now uploaded,
      will be on-line until Wednesday April 9th, and features three hours of the very
      best in traditional folk, ethnic, world, roots, blues, old time country and
      early jazz; in fact traditional music from absolutely everywhere

      This month we’ve an extensive celebration of the centenary of folklorist AL
      (Bert) Lloyd, particularly remembering those splendid Lps which he was
      responsible for bringing out on the Topic label Fielding for the Topic revivalists
      are Bob Davenport, The Celebrated Working Man's Band, Roy Harris, Frankie
      Armstrong, Louis Killen and Ewan MacColl, whilst Joe Heaney, Paddy Tunney,
      Jeannie Robertson, Fred Jordan, Willie Scott, Lizzie Higgins, Hedy West, Willie
      Clancy and Michael Gorman are batting for the tradition Out on the stumps, there
      ’s several tracks from Topic’s International series and we‘ve a few songs
      from Bert himself There‘s also an excerpt from The Folk Music Virtuoso, and a
      song and a dance from the legendary Eels Foot broadcast

      Elsewhere in the programme we remember that 2008 is the centenary of those
      wonderful Joseph Taylor phonograph records; Mercy Dee Walton and Lil McKlintock
      complain they can’t keep up the payments; the Hokum Boys complain about the
      neighbours; there’s several arguments about lazy people from Carter and
      Young, Cephas and Wiggins, Seán 'ac Donncha, The Mississippi Sheiks and Con
      Cassidy And Andy Cohen complains he’s got no money Come and join the clan

      Also, Vera Hall Ward, Carl Story, Arthur Howard, The Bacup Nutters and the
      Monty Sunshine Quartet remind us it’s Easter, and Louis Armstrong and Chris
      Droney each play a tune for St Patrick’s Day

      There’s lots more beside and the full playlist is below and at
      (http://profilemyspacecom/indexcfm?fuseaction=userviewprofile&friendID=160651486) and
      (http://www.mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=109420&messages=1) .

      Before that though, a couple of words from our sponsor (me).

      First of all, I’ve been emailed to say that my spoken intros aren’t as loud
      as they could be I know about the problem and basically it’s to do with the
      fact that Live365 (the station host) equalises the audio tracks when they’re
      uploaded This month I’ve set the intros a bit higher So if anyone is still
      having problems with the sound levels, please let me know, and tell me which
      bits you‘re having bother with

      Secondly, after eighteen months of cruising in the doldrums, Worlds of Trad
      station stats have taken a sudden and dramatic upturn Total listening hours
      have almost doubled in the last couple of months, and more people are logging
      on and they’re staying on for longer So many heartfelts to everyone who’s
      made it happen There’s several excellent stations on Live365, which showcase
      specific aspects of traditional music But as far as I know and believe, Worlds
      of Trad is unique It is the only station, on or off the Internet, which
      samples the grass roots traditional music of all the world’s peoples, with no
      concessions to fads, trends or commercial pressures Keep listening and keep
      spreading the word

      To listen to the programme, go to
      _http://wwwlive365com/stations/oneworldmusic_ (http://wwwlive365com/stations/oneworldmusic) , and click on the yellow
      speaker button If you haven’t listened before you’ll need to follow the
      onscreen instructions to download the station player Then wait a moment for the
      ads to clear, press the green PLAY button and the station will be on the air

      The music’s great, listening is free and I'm glad to receive requests

      As always, this e-mail is being sent to everyone in my address book If you’d
      rather not be disturbed, send an e-mail to _Fredlive365@aolcom_
      (mailto:Fredlive365@aolcom) , with the words DELETE ME in the subject heading, and you
      will be troubled no more

      Happy listening, and all that stuff,

      Fred McCormick

      _Fredlive365@aolcom_ (mailto:Fredlive365@aolcom)

      March 2008 Worlds of Trad Playlist

      Easy Ridin' Mama Washboard Sam Document DOCD-5172 Complete Recorded Works
      Vol 2

      Doughboy's Theme Song The Lightcrust Doughboys CBS 47914 Roots 'n Blues; The

      Foggy Dew Douglas Morling/Jack's the Boy Jack 'Dot' Button Veteran VT140CD
      Good Order ! Ladies and Gentlemen Please: Traditional Singing from the Eels

      No More My Lord Jimpson Rounder CD 1714 Prison Songs volume1

      Look What They've Done My Lord Vera Hall Ward Folkways FW 02038 Spirituals

      Didn't They Crucify My Lord Carl Story Starday SLP 315 Sacred Songs of Life
      and The Hereafter

      Pace Egg Song Arthur Howard Hill and Dale HD 006 Merry Mountain Child

      Garland dance No 3 Bacup Nutters Topic TSCD 666 VOTP 16 You Lazy Lot of
      Bone-shakers: Songs and dance tunes of seasonal events

      Caoine na dTrí Maire (The Lament of the Three Marys)Joe Heaney Topic 12T91
      Irish Traditional Songs In Gaelic & English

      Cow that drunk the poteen Paddy Tunney Topic TSCD 663 Voice of the People
      13: They Ordered Their Pints & Bottles of Sherry; The joys and curse of drink

      The Bonnie Wee Lass Who Never Said No Jeannie Robertson Topic TSCD 663 Voice
      of the People 13: They Ordered Their Pints & Bottles of Sherry; The joys and
      curse of drink

      We Shepherds are the Best of Men Fred Jordan Topic TSCD 670 Voice of the
      People 20: There is a Man Upon the Farm: Working Men and Women in Song

      Bonny wee tramping lass Willie Scott Topic TSCD 660 Voice of the People 10:
      Who is that at my bed window?

      Bogieside Lizzie Higgins Topic 12T 185 The Back O' Benachie

      Little Sadie Hedy West Topic 12T 163 Ballads

      Rent Man Blues Mercy Dee Walton & Thelma Ace CDCHD 475 One Room Country Shack

      Furniture Man Blues Lil McClintock Document DOCD-5160 Georgia Blues & Gospel
      (1927 - 1931)

      The Folks Downstairs The Hokum Boys Document DOCD-5236 Hokum Boys, The; Vol
      1 1929

      Valle E Gajdes Sadik Diko & Reshit Shehu Topic 12T 154 Folk Music of Albania

      Marko Iska Moravka Devoika Ruska Bozhilova Nachalnichka Topic TSCD 905 Folk
      Music of Bulgaria

      Tsone Milo Chedo [Dance] Ad Hoc Group From the Filip Kutev Ensemble
      Topic TSCD 905 Folk Music of Bulgaria

      Kanakan Lammiyan The Batish Family Topic 12T 191 North Indian Folk and
      Classical Music

      The Lover's Ghost Bert Lloyd Xtra 5023 The Best of AL Lloyd

      The Trim Rig Ducksie Bert Lloyd Xtra 5013 Sailor's Garland

      The Song of the Chanter Willie Clancy Topic TOP 89 Irish Pipe and Fiddle

      The Mountain Road Michael Gorman & Willie Clancy Topic TSCD 525D The Sligo

      Waitin' For My Baby Fred McDowell Bounty BY 6022 My Home is in the Delta

      Railroad blues Sam McGee Document DOCD-8036 1926-1934

      Seaboard Train Blues Andy Cohen Riverlark RL106 Play it a Long Time

      Georgie Doc Watson/Gaither Carlton Topic 12TS 336 Watson Family Tradition

      The Folk Music Virtuoso/Early in the Morning A L Lloyd introducing 22,
      Little Red, Tangle Eye & Hard Hair Rounder CD 1714 Prison Songs volume 1
      Milking Song (Gentle Lady) Kate Nicholson Ember FA 2055 Heather & Glen

      Bold Riley Bert Lloyd Xtra 5013 Sailor's Garland

      The Collier's Rant Bob Davenport & Miner's Dance Tunes The Celebrated
      Working Man's Band Topic 12T 86 The Iron Muse

      The Dockyard Gate Roy Harris Topic TSCD499 Round Cape Horn

      The Bird in the Bush Frankie Armstrong Topic 12T135 The Bird in the Bush

      Thorneymoor Woods Louis Killen Topic 12T 126 Ballads & Broadsides

      Round Cape Horn Ewan MacColl Topic TSCD499 Round Cape Horn

      The White Hare of Howden Joseph Taylor Topic TSCD 668 Voice of the People
      Vol18:To catch a fine buck was my delight

      The Lazy Farmer Boy Carter and Young Smithsonian Folkways SFW 40090
      Anthology of American Folk Music

      Railroad Bill Cephas And Wiggins Alligator ALCD 488 Somebody Told The Truth

      Green Brooms Seán 'ac Donncha GTD 006 An Spailpín Fanach

      LAZY LAZY RIVER Mississippi Sheiks Old Hat CD-1003 Folks He Sure Do Pull
      Some Bow

      The Lazy Dog Con Cassidy Cairdeas na bhFidiléirí CNF 004 Traditional Fiddle
      Music From Donegal

      The Old Rugged Cross The Monty Sunshine Quartet Timeless CD TTD 590 40 Years

      Easter Snow Séamus Ennis Claddagh CC40/65CD Claddagh's Choice

      L' orologio della Passione (The Passion Hours) Two Male Voices and Friction
      Drum Albatros VPA 8082 Italia Vol 1: I Balli di Strumenti I Canti Religiosi

      Irish Black Bottom Louis Armstrong CBS 463052 2 The Hot Fives & Hot Sevens
      Vol 2

      The Knights of St Patrick/The Killimor Chris Droney Cló Iar Chonnachta CICD
      161 Down From Bell Harbour

      Karsilamas Unidentified Outi (oud) Player FM 222620-354 Greek Folk

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