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Re: FW: [Dixielandjazz] Bonjour!

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  • spacelights
    Paris Jazz Corner (great record store) may have some more information on venues and shows...
    Message 1 of 6 , Mar 6, 2008
      Paris Jazz Corner (great record store) may have some more information
      on venues and shows...

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      > Hello Everyone. I hope I do this right...
      > My name is Katie Cavera and I'm a Guitar / Banjo
      > player from California. Currently, I'm in Paris,
      > France playing in a production about Josephine Baker.
      > We're actually touring right now but when we aren't on
      > the road, they have us staying here in Paris.
      > I'm contacting the list because I'm trying to find
      > Traditional Jazz places here in Paris. I'd love to
      > find some jam sessions and meet other French Jazz
      > musicians that are interested in Traditional Jazz. (Or
      > Gypsy Jazz, or New Orleans Jazz, or...well you get the
      > idea...) If that's not really possible, then I'd just
      > like to find some venues where I can hear other bands
      > playing Traditional Jazz. Any advice you could give
      > me would be great.
      > MercĂ­,
      > Katie Cavera
      > http://www.katiecavera.net/
      > ps in a few weeks our tour will take us to the South
      > of France (Nice and Aix-En-Provence for almost three
      > weeks.) so if anyone has any tips for that part of the
      > country too that would be great!
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