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Worlds of Trad February Upload

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  • Fredamhran@aol.com
    Hi Folks, The February edition of Worlds of Trad Internet radio is now uploaded, will be on-line until Wednesday March 12th, and features the very best in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 14, 2008
      Hi Folks,

      The February edition of Worlds of Trad Internet radio is now uploaded, will
      be on-line until Wednesday March 12th, and features the very best in
      traditional folk, ethnic, world, roots, blues, old time country and early jazz; in
      fact traditional music from absolutely everywhere.

      This month’s exotic extravaganza shows us why George Lewis and Ralph Stanley
      were big in Japan; the innocents of Dingwall Primary School mull over the
      gory remnants of Casey the Cowboy; there’s a bundle of returned lover ballads
      from Sam McGee, O.J. Abbott and Roscoe Holcomb; The Kessinger Brothers,
      Humphrey Lyttleton and Andy Cohen take us up the Mississippi and down the
      Chesapeake; Jean Ritchie, Christine Tyrell, The Coon Creek Girls and Marta Sebestyn
      take flying lessons; John Petters and James Campbell breathe new life into a
      hoary old chestnut; there’s some good old Yankee fiddlin’; some good old Irish
      jigs and reels; some more of those risqué piano blues, and much more
      besides. In fact, if you want to know why Hannah Johnson had to sell her Big Jack
      Ass, and how much she got for it, you’re just gonna have to log on to Worlds of

      The full playlist is below and can be seen at
      (http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=160651486) .

      And at _http://www.mudcat.org/thread.cfm?threadid=108617&messages=1_

      To listen to the programme, go to
      _http://www.live365.com/stations/oneworldmusic_ (http://www.live365.com/stations/oneworldmusic) , and click on the
      yellow speaker button. If you haven’t listened before you’ll need to follow the
      onscreen instructions to download the station player. Then wait a moment or
      two and the station will be on the air.

      The music’s great, listening is free and I'm glad to receive requests.

      As always, this e-mail is being sent to everyone in my address book. If you’
      d rather not be disturbed, send an e-mail to _Fredlive365@..._
      (mailto:Fredlive365@...) , with the words DELETE ME in the subject heading, and you
      will be troubled no more.

      Happy listening, and all that stuff,

      Fred McCormick

      _Fredlive365@..._ (mailto:Fredlive365@...)

      February 2008 Worlds of Trad Playlist

      Dalmatino povišcu pritrujena. Klapa DC.
      Omis. CD 5068600. Antologija Dalmatinsikh Klapskhi Pjesma

      God Shall Wipe All Tears Away. The Kings of Harmony
      Jass. J-CD-640. All of my Appointed Time

      Linega Linetu. Krar & Washint Players.
      Playasound. PS 65074. Traditional Music of Ethiopia

      Monfrina Sol e Do. Compagnia Sonadùr Ponte Caffaro.
      ACB. CD 05. Pas en Amur: Monfrine e Balli di Carnevale (Italian Fiddle Music
      from Caffaro Valley)

      Ingwe Idla Ngamabala (A Leopard Is Recognisable By Its Spots). Ladysmith
      Black Mambazo.
      Shanacie. SH 43021. Induku Zethu

      Coal Miner's Songs of Joban. Japanese Musicians.
      Folkways. FE 4534. Traditional Folksongs of Japan: East Japan

      How mountain girls can love. Ralph Stanley & The Clinch Mountain Boys.
      Rebel. REB-CD-2002. Live in Japan

      Home Sweet Home. George Lewis & His All Stars.
      Telefunken. TS 3263/1-2. George Lewis on Tour

      When The Saints Go Marching In. John Petters New Orleans All Stars
      Rose Records. RRCD1007. Walkin' With the King

      When The Saints Go Marching In. James Campbell's Friendly Five.
      Arhoolie. CD 438. Blind James Campbell and his Nashville Street Band

      There's a Brown Girl in the Ring. Children at San Juan's Government School,
      Rounder. CD 1716. Caribbean Voyage: Brown Girl in the Ring.

      Rosy Apple, Lemon and a Pear. Children at St Mary's Junior School, Leyland,
      Saydisc. CD-SDL 338. Children's Singing Games

      Casey the Cowboy. Children at Dingwall Primary.
      Saydisc. CD-SDL 338. Children's Singing Games

      Il Treno. Children of Nuoro Orphanage, Sardinia.
      Saydisc. CD-SDL 426. Traditional Songs and Dances of Sardinia

      Sea Lion Woman. Katherine and Christine Shipp.
      Rounder. CD 1513. Afro-American Blues and Game Songs

      Skip to My Lou. Leadbelly.
      Smithsonian Folkways. SFW CD 45047. Sings For Children

      As Willie and Mary strolled by the seashore. Sam McGee.
      Document. DOCD-8036. Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order 1926 -

      Plains of Waterloo. O.J. Abbott.
      Folkways. FM 4051. Irish and British Songs From the Ottawa Valley

      Fair Miss In The Garden. Roscoe Holcomb.
      Smithsonian Folkways. SFW CD 40144. An Untamed Sense of Control

      Steamboat Bill. The Kessinger Brothers.
      Document. DOCD-8012. Kessinger Brothers; Vol 3

      Waiting for The Robert E. Lee. Humphrey Lyttleton & His Band.
      Dormouse. DM 3. A Tribute to Humph: Vol 3

      Sailin' Down The Chesapeake Bay. Andy Cohen.
      Riverlark. RL106. Play It A Long Time

      If I Could Only Fly. Christine Tyrell With Phil Mason's New Orleans all
      Lake. LACD 204. On The Road Again

      Little Birdie. The Coon Creek Girls.
      Trikont. US-0310. Flowers in the Wildwood

      Little Sparrow. Jean Ritchie. XTRA. 1030. Jean Ritchie

      Repulj Madar Repulj. Marta Sebestyn with Muzsikas.
      Hannibal. HNBL 1341. The Prisoner's Song

      Jake's Best Reel. Dwight Lamb.
      Rounder. CD 0429. Joseph won a coated Fiddle

      Old Blind Sow She Stole The Middlins. John W Summers.
      Rounder. 0194. Indiana Fiddler

      Off she goes. Everett Dwyer.
      JEMF-105. New England Traditional Fiddling 1926 - 1975

      Quadrille melody (The Mucking of Geordie's Byre). Bob Walters.
      University of Missouri. Old time Fiddler's Repertory

      Pyhrrihios-Sera. Unidentified Lyra Player.
      FM. 222620-354. Greek Folk Instruments

      Zonaradikos. Unidentified Gaida Player.
      FM. 222620-354. Greek Folk Instruments

      The Woman of the House. Seamus Ennis.
      Rounder. CD 1742. Columbia World Library; Ireland

      The Ship in Full Sail. Elizabeth Crotty & Denis Murphy.
      RTÉ 225 CD. Concertina Music from West Clare

      The Piper Through the Meadow Straying. Liverpool Ceilidh Band.
      Rex. RLP 1001. Champions Twice

      The Humours of Glynn/Grier's. MacNamara Family.
      Drumlin. LHTCD 1. Leitrim's Hidden Treasure

      Barbecue Bess. Bessie Jackson.
      Yazoo. L-1017. Bessie Jackson & Walter Roland

      For Sale (Hannah Johnson's Big Jack Ass). Clara Smith.
      Jass. J-CD-626. Street Walkin' Blues

      Sweet root man. Roosevelt Sykes.
      Folkways. FS 3827. Roosevelt, The Honeydripper Sykes

      Deep Sea Diver. Nora Lee King.
      Document. DOCD-5668. Sammy Price and the Blues Singers

      Me and my Chauffeur. Memphis Minnie. Columbia. COL 468992 2. The Story of
      the Blues: A documentary history of the blues compiled by Paul Oliver

      The Nanny Goat. John Quinn.
      Outlet. OAS 3018. You Know I Am A Stranger

      Copshawholm Fair. Bob Forrester.
      Topic. TSCD 655. Voice of the People Vol.5:Come all my lads that follow the

      Stanley Market. Jack Elliott.
      Leader. LEA 4001. Jack Elliott of Birtley; The Songs and Stories of a Durham

      Polly Put the Kettle On. James Cotton.
      Takoma/Sonet. SNTF 863. Chicago Breakdown

      Molly Put the Kettle On. Gid Tanner & His Skillet-Lickers.
      Document. DOCD-8060. Vol 5

      Born in Chicago. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
      Elektra. 7559-60647-2. The Paul Butterfield Blues Band,

      Dust My Broom. Robert Night Hawk
      Catfish. KAT 3D1/3. And This is Maxwell Street

      Skibereen. O.J. Abbott.
      Folkways. FM 4051. Irish and British Songs From the Ottawa Valley

      Letty Lee. Angelo Dornan.
      National Museum of Man. ISBN 098765432. Folksongs From Southern New Brunswick

      Dan R's Favourite/Portland Fancy/Cronin's Favourite/The Trip to the Doryman.
      Howie MacDonald.
      Nimbus. NI 5383. Traditional Music from Cape Breton Island.

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