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Re: Nat Shilkret

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  • pdqblues
    Hi Pavel, Thank you for the link. I m very interested in the Shilkret s All Star recordings, but hesitant to purchase the CD at $14 if the sound quality is as
    Message 1 of 10 , Dec 28, 2007
      Hi Pavel,

      Thank you for the link. I'm very interested in the Shilkret's All Star recordings, but
      hesitant to purchase the CD at $14 if the sound quality is as bad as the previous release.

      One last comment about Nat Shilkret's studio band...

      I enjoy many of the unique sounds and instrumentations of the 20s bands. Even more so
      fwhen it pertains to the bass. Two of my favorite bass players are Benny Moten's brass
      bass player, Vernon Page, and of course the venerable bass sax of Adrian Rollini. Oddly
      enough, I also include Shilkret's band with this group. From my untrained ear, it sounds
      like in many of his recordings he used a brass bass/string bass pairing that gives his
      music a very solid, almost heavy feeling to it. I know of no other band of that time who
      used two bass instruments being played simultaneously like Shilkret uses.

      Although I would like to be shown to be in error. ;-)

      Happy Holidays!


      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Pavel Pitra <Pavel.Pitra@...> wrote:
      > Hi Paul and others,
      > there are at least two other commercial CDs of Nat Shilkret (see e.g.
      > http://worldsrecords.com/cgi-bin/storeR.cgi?
      > One on Vintage Music Production, being produced by the same person and
      > having the same severe faults (in particular poor remastering with
      > many artifacts) as the ill-famed Swing Time. The other on ASV. I like
      > the second one, although it mostly contains commercial dance tunes
      > (ASV likes "#1 hits").
      > Certainly rather "hot dance" than "jazz", Nat Shilkret is nevertheless
      > one of my favourites!
      > All the best and happy holidays
      > Pavel
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