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Re: [RedHotJazz] George Chisholm

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  • Dan Van Landingham
    Thanks for the information.I ll check it out.There was another bandleader from Britain I had a 78(on British Decca)was by bandleader Harry Roy.I found this
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 21, 2007
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      Thanks for the information.I'll check it out.There was another bandleader from Britain I had
      a 78(on British Decca)was by bandleader Harry Roy.I found this recording in a Salvation
      Army thrift store in the late '60s.This record had a bit of a chunk out of the center and I
      think the title was "Stepping Out at Midnight".The obverse was "Barrel House Boogie".It
      was a great band.I also had an American Decca of "Canadian Capers" by Lew Stone's b-
      and.I bought that one back in late 1978 and was in mint condition when I had it.I left some
      78s back in Texas and it may be in that box.The only other George Chisolm is on a comp-
      act disc I bought several years ago.

      Lesandmegjay@... wrote:
      Sorry for delay in replying to request from "Dan Van Landingham" for
      Information regarding British trombone player George Chisholm. Dan, there is not a
      great deal I can tell you that you wont find on various web sites . The best of
      the sites dealing with George is probably his life story "Gentleman Of Jazz"
      that you will find on
      georgechisholm.tripod.com/ I quote from it's headline ,

      > GENTLEMAN OF JAZZ tells the fascinating story of George Chisholm, from his
      > boyhood in a part of Glasgow that made the Gorbals seem upmarket to a 50-year
      > career in jazz that earned him the OBE. In his own words - and in a few
      > borrowed from co-author Bob Sinfield - George describes his eventful and often
      > hilarious double life as trombonist and comedian, a combination that led him to
      > work with everyone from Ambrose to Armstrong, from Goodman to the Goons,
      > from Sinatra to Superman.
      Additional to the information on that site It is interesting to note that
      Victor Sylvester besides his famous strict tempo "Ballroom Orchestra" also
      introduced at the end of WW2 , what was known as "The Victor Sylvester Jive Band" .
      This group consisted of some of Britain's top jazz musicians and was led by
      George Chisholm. The other members were Aubrey Franks - tenor sax. 'Poggy'
      Pogson - clarinet. Tommy McQuater - trumpet. Billy Munn -piano. George Elliot -
      guitar. Tommy Bromley - bass. Jock Cummings -drums.
      Hope this helps your search for information
      Seasons Greetings to all from Lesjay. Australia.

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