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AW: [RedHotJazz] Checking In

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  • Rader, Michael
    Patrice, I m afraid you re right about low activity and few members. The group moderator is someone called Bryan Wright: bswrig@wm.edu. I used to post
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2004

      I'm afraid you're right about low activity and few members. The group moderator is someone called Bryan Wright: bswrig@.... I used to post regularly to the group but unfortunately don't have the time to stimulate discussion. Much the same seems to apply to some of the other guys on that list and it does certainly need stimulation from time to time.

      If you like, I can post to the list to see what's happening and if Bryan is still around. It might at some point be a good idea to consider merging the lists if both have few members, but that's jumping ahead. My impression is that many of the members of the "Hot Jazz" community have a focus on Hot Dance rather than "le hot" in the French sense, so there was something behind my asking whether the "Red" was meant to imply a difference.

      The founding of this new group prompted me to look at what else there is in existence (at least in Yahoo) and I discovered another group called "Hot Jazz Guild", which has more members and more recent postings. I would very much like to participate in discussions with like-minded people and would prefer to do so in one place without needing to wade through many postings that don't really interest me (like on DJML or 78-l, which have a lot of traffic).

      Best wishes,


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      Von: Patrice Champarou [mailto:patrice.champarou@...]
      Gesendet: Donnerstag, 23. September 2004 15:26
      An: RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com
      Betreff: Re: [RedHotJazz] Checking In

      Well, Michael...

      > Some of
      > you might know me from the "HotJazz" Mailing list (without "Red") -
      > maybe Patrice can explain if this group is going to have a different
      > focus from the other.

      What I must explain is this : as soon as I had the idea of creating this
      group, I started looking for similar list, and could find only one.
      Several interesting discussions, but medium traffic and a surprisingly low
      number of subscribers for a group which was created in 1999!

      Anyway I did *not* want to compete with an existing group on the same topic.
      What happened, besides the fact that hotjazz has been completely inactive
      for 90 days, is that I could never get in touch with the moderator or even
      join. After a whole week, my membership request was still pending, which
      meant that either the group was 'abandoned' or at least, after all those
      years, still with a single moderator who had no time to look after it.

      If you have any idea how to contact him - or some other members of the
      previous list - I'd rather make a few step backs than be in charge of a
      'clone' group, it would even be more interesting to maintain his rather than
      mine because of the valuable archives. Some more audience might result from
      my contacts in Europe, but it would be a shame to "lose" the previous

      Anyway, this is how it happened, after a long stroke of hesitation blues I
      started wondering "tell me how long do I have to wait...?" ;) but the focus,
      as you say, is definitely the same one.


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