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Re: Tony Parenti: what to buy?

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  • Mark Harwood
    Thanks Michael. I ve ordered Strut Yo Stuff . I wonder whether there will ever be full acknowledgement of John R.T. Davies s services to recorded jazz. It
    Message 1 of 8 , Oct 2, 2007
      Thanks Michael.
      I've ordered "Strut Yo' Stuff".
      I wonder whether there will ever be full acknowledgement of John R.T.
      Davies's services to recorded jazz. It would have been nice to have
      been able to thank him personally for the work he did.
      Any other recommendations about Tony Parenti and this style of music
      are still welcome.

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Michael Rader <Rader.Michael@...>
      > If your interest is mainly in 20s jazz and hot dance music, the
      record by Parenti to get is definitely Frog DGF 4 "Strut Yo Stuff",
      which has all of Parenti's recordings under his own name from that
      decade. This has state-of-the-art audio restoration work by the late
      John RT Davies. There is much Parenti from the 40s to the 70s on
      various labels owned by George H. Buck, most of which can be safely
      > Michael Rader
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      > > Hello jazz people.
      > > I'm still exploring 1920s jazz, and thoroughly enjoying it. Now
      > > come across the name and reputation of Anthony Parenti, and
      > > expect to like his recordings, wherever they lie on the dance
      > > spectrum.
      > > My question is, there being several titles available from Amazon
      > > what should I buy? Are there titles to avoid? Is there a "must-
      > > title? Is there a combination of discs that covers his recording
      > > well? All opinions are welcome. Thanks.
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