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Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Reliable label for 1920's Jazz

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  • Dan Van Landingham
    You re right.I was lucky enough to find that RCA album I spoke of at the local Goodwill thrift store a couple of years ago.I first heard it back in college in
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      You're right.I was lucky enough to find that RCA album I spoke of at the local Goodwill thrift store a couple of years ago.I first heard it back in college in the early '70s.Still,I can't believe that Goldkette didn't clear up the speculation about Bix's whereabouts after he let Bix go after that 1924 recording date.Goldkette,as you know,died in 1962.One of my acquaintances was Paul Mertz.I spoke to him in the spring of 1994 but his memory was pretty much gone as I couldn't hold attention.I spoke to Bill Challis again.I made a move to Texas for several months and when I came back in late summer of that year,I learned quite by accident that he had died in Harvey's Lake,Pennsylvania.Regarding Dorsey's being in Detroit;Sudlhalter told a story about Tommy Dorsey dating the girlfriend of a gangster.He wasn't afraid at first,but left when he saw the gangster was serious.Tommy leaves Pennsylvania and a musician named Jimmy Crossan was worked over instead.In closing,has anyone
      heard of what became of the masters of Paramount Records that were found in a river bed?

      Albert Haim <alberthaim@...> wrote:
      Hello Dan,

      I believe only Tommy Dorsey was present in the Goldkette session of
      Nov 24, 1924 when the band recorded "I Didn't Know." Jimmy Dorsey had
      been with Goldkette most of 1924, but had left before the Nov 24, 1924
      session to join the California Ramblers.


      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Dan Van Landingham
      <danvanlandingham@...> wrote:
      > Quadromania is a label I've never heard of until I started checking
      out the CDs on ebay some
      > three years ago.I know that Joker does alot of what we would call
      bootlegging.I had the Joker boxed set of Bix some twenty two years
      ago.I gave thirty dollars plus shipping and
      > handling charges back in 1983.I have picked up some other
      albums(33s)in the course of time on that label.One,a Basie album of
      some 1937 which were issued on an album I bought back in 1975 on the
      ALAMAC label the other a big band anthology.ALAMAC had released a
      large batch of stuff such as the 1940 Coleman Hawkins big band(which I
      should have gotten
      > when I first saw it)and an allbum of the 1945 BIlly Eckstine
      band(live broadcast from the Plantation Ballroom somewhere in southern
      California)which I did buy.ALAMAC was owned by a company called
      American Themes and Tapes which was located in New York City.I did
      find one cassette from Joker that was also an anthology of different
      kinds of jazz.I also had one ALAMAC cassette tape of assorted boogie
      woogie.That one is long gone:I wore the
      > tape out listening to pianist Bob Zurke's recording of "Cow Cow
      Blues".Those guys at Joker
      > released everything imaginationable.I have others as well.The
      quality varied from one tape or one LP to another.The 1937 Basie
      material has showed up in recent years on cassette.It's the exactly
      like the ALAMAC LP album down to the misidentified
      titles.Discographies,as you know,can be unreliable.This is where I
      found that the musicians themselves could and did clear up many
      personnel changes.Speaking of Bix,I have that 1960 vintage RCA album
      > called "The Third Chair" that has a caricature of Bix on the
      cover.That album was famous
      > for the inclusion of "I Didn't Know".The liner notes me the
      impression no one know of that one Victor master.However,Jean
      Goldkette was still alive in 1960.Both Dorseys could have
      > cleared the matter up years before as both were on the
      session.There are those critics who seemed so have taken liberties
      regarding the history of jazz Joe Venuti a case in point.I believe
      that the group that Bix led when "Goose Pimples" was recorded for OKeh
      was "Bix
      > and his Gang".Again,I will have to look at redhotjazz's web page.
      > Michael Rader <Rader.Michael@...> wrote:
      > Quadromania is a 4CD series reissued by Membran of Germany which
      is responsible for many cheap reissues under many names, sometimes
      recycling their own material. They probably use any source available
      to them, such as other CDs, LPs, tapes. They are usually marked 24 bit
      or something else suggesting high-end technology, but I would
      personally not buy anything of theirs by artists of real interest.
      > Michael Rader
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      > > I haven't been able to find that Forte set, all that is available
      is a Timeless CD, which an Amazon reviewer claims is edited.
      > >
      > > I just picked up the Quadromania Fletcher Henderson set, which
      seems to have all of his 1927 post Armstrong sides on disc 1, but it
      jumps on disc 2 to 1931, disc 3 has late 1932 to '34, and disc 4 is
      almost all 1936.
      > >
      > > I'm a little out of the loop... who's responsible for these
      Quadromania sets, and why are they so cheap?
      > >
      > > Michael Rader wrote:
      > > - Henderson is diffcult for the 20s sides - Timeless has the Dixie
      Stompers and the early Brunswick/Vocalions, all the sides with
      Armstrong should still be around on a 3 CD box from Forte, but
      otherwise Chronological Classics are the easiest option.
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