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Re: [RedHotJazz] Distortion on Clarence Williams CD's

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  • Patrice Champarou
    ... Grrr! all .wav files ;)))
    Message 1 of 4 , May 20, 2005
      > each .wav files

      Grrr! "all" .wav files ;)))
    • Michael Rader
      Bob, Gerard was referring to the CDs rather than the original recordings themselves. The same faults aren ton any LPs that I m aware of and they re almost
      Message 2 of 4 , May 20, 2005

        Gerard was referring to the CDs rather than the original recordings themselves. The same faults aren'ton any LPs that I'm aware of and they're almost certainly due to some flaw in the process of transferring to CD.

        I'll try Patrice's suggestion this evening, at least on one track to see if the fault is removed. Before I returned the Jack Hylton to Challenge, I did a straight copy from CD drive to burner (not knowing if Challenge would send anything in return). The fault was still there on the copy - if it persists, it should be visible in any graphic representation of the .wav file.

        The two Timeless affected are from the same period, but I'm not sure about the Challenge. Timeless only credits audio restoration and doesn't specifically mention mastering, which is a different step and can be done by a different person altogether.

        Musical content: some of the Jack Hylton recordings are surprisingly good.

        Best wishes


        RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com schrieb am 20.05.05 09:51:17:
        > Gerard,
        > I only have a few Clarence Williams tracks from 1933-34, and they're all on the same LP: "Clarence Williams no.1 jug & washboard band 1927-1935". The tracks I have are:
        > Beer Garden Blues
        > Chizzlin' Sam
        > He's A Colonel From Kentucky
        > High Society
        > Mister Will You Serenade
        > Ooh Looka There, Ain't She Pretty
        > Organ Grinder Blues
        > The Shim Sham Shimmy Dance
        > You Ain't Too Old
        > I've just finished listening to all the above tracks, and there's no hint of a scratch on any of them. In fact, the only distortion is some over-recording on the last few bars of Organ Grinder Blues, and one misplaced washboard "swish" from Floyd Casey.
        > As was pointed out on a previous thread regarding Bessie Smith's "gurgling", John R.T. Davis used analogue techniques for his remastering, so someone else is responsible for the digital remastering.
        > As the problem occurs on several copies of the same CD's, then I would suggest the problem lies in the digital remastering. I assume that the "scratches" occur in exactly the same place on every playing, thus eliminating any suspicions of faulty earthing on your equipment.
        > Cheers
        > Bob Smith
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