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Re: [RedHotJazz] Edna, not Olga was: No Olga

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  • Michael Rader
    Oh dear, Actually it was Olga that I meant as being on the Gift from the President - an alternate of Edna does not exist. The King Jazz Oliver Vol. 6
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 10, 2007
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      Oh dear,
      Actually it was "Olga" that I meant as being on the "Gift from the President" - an alternate of "Edna" does not exist. The "King Jazz" Oliver Vol. 6 has only an additional alternate take of "Stealing Love", which is the controversial item added to Frog when compared with the old JSP reissues. The late David French told me that the KJ did include an alternate and I think he said Edna (or was it Olga), which is the origin of my confusion.

      I recently bought "The Essential Jazz Records" by Max Harrison, Charles Fox and Eric Thacker, which also seems to prefer the Victors over the Syncopators - the latter are not mentioned, while the Victors get an essay to themselves. The Creole Jazz Band does too, so the exclusion of the Syncopators was probably deliberate in view of their availabilty on LP at the time.

      Michael Rader

      > Hi Michael,
      > Thanks for the Frog news--I really prefer Oliver's Victor
      > instrumentals to most of his Dixie Syncopators material. In fact, I
      > find Oliver's records of 1929-1930 generally more interesting than
      > those of Armstrong during the same period.
      > An alternative "Olga" (62238-1) is on 'A Gift From The President'...
      > Is there a different "Edna" on King Jazz Vol. 6?
      > John

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