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[australian-dance-bands] Mike Sutcliffe

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  • Denis King
    Subject: [australian-dance-bands] Mike Sutcliffe
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2007
      Subject: [australian-dance-bands] Mike Sutcliffe

      > Dear John & All,
      > I was aware of Mike's illness until the attached post, the diagnosis is
      > not
      > good!
      > I've just spoken to Mike on the phone and will be going to visit him in
      > the
      > near future, we really need to do something special for this contribution
      > to
      > our early record & music discographies and the publication of The
      > Australian
      > Record & Music Review.
      > Best Wishes
      > Denis
      > Dear All,
      > Received some very sad news in the mail. Mike Sutcliffe has just posted
      > out Australian Record and Music Review (72), which has to be the last
      > issue because of retirement and a health issue. ARMR has been a
      > marvelous example of the truly invaluable research and publication of
      > scholars outside of academia (such as various figures on the this list
      > and beyonf it who don't need to be named here). It will continue to be
      > of immense value to Australian popular music scholarship until global
      > heating steams us all off the map. I won't carry on further about Mike
      > and ARMR (which also had a constant stalwart in Peter Burgis and his
      > informative and entertaining Puzzle Plate page, among other
      > contributions) because something really substantial needs to written in
      > tribute to Mike's remarkably sustained contribution (18 years of
      > issues). Perhaps some NSW member has the ear of a SMH or an The
      > Australian journo?.
      > Best wishes
      > John.
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