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Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Another myth?

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  • Mordechai Litzman
    For a very interesting and detailed history of the early California labels, and the history of Sunset records, go to Google and look up California Record
    Message 1 of 5 , Sep 12, 2006
      For a very interesting and detailed history of the early California labels, and the history of Sunset records, go to Google and look up "California Record Labels and Studios in the early 20's". In addition to the historical information, there are color pictures of all the labels.
      It appears that the Sunset records were pressed in Indiana at the Starr Piano Recording Co.

      spacelights <spacelights@...> wrote: --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Mordechai Litzman <folke613@...> wrote:
      >As you all know Spike's Seven Pods of Peppers (Kid Ory's Original
      Creole Jazz Band) made a couple of recordings in Los Angeles/Santa
      Monica in July 1922 on the Nordskog label


      > Since there was no record pressing plant in the west, the wax
      masters were sent to the Arto pressing plant in Orange, New Jersey,
      and it appears that a number of these wax masters melted in transport.
      To make matters worse, the Arto plant went bankrupt in 1923, and some
      80 recordings were lost.
      > According to some accounts, among those were recordings of Jelly
      Roll Morton and King Oliver.
      > However, in a well researched article on early California recordings
      by Allan Sutton, there is a footnote stating that some of the masters
      were returned and that they are in the possession of a Nordskog family
      > Does anybody have any information about this, or is this just
      another myth?
      > (On the RHJ site there is an unreleased test pressing from 1922 with
      Sonny Clay on piano and Camille Allen, vocal. Is this recording from
      those returned from Arto? And while you check this out, listen to
      "Punishing the Piano" with Clay from 1925 on the Triumph label;
      another "fingerbuster").

      Very intriguing stuff--notes for 'Sonny Clay - West Coast Jazz' (Frog
      DGF 53) state that the Camille Allen test was owned by Clay himself.
      "Punishing The Piano" is a showpiece, indeed...

      Clay also recorded for the Sunset label around this time, which
      reminded me of the mysterious 'Sunset Band' test of "Wolverine
      Stomp"/"Ivy" (issued on Frog DGF28). Might this be a California group
      after all? 'Storyville 2000-1' questions the assertion that it's
      Carroll Dickerson, and mentions:

      "...similar pressing characteristics between the test, various
      Rodeheaver pressings and a number of Paramount releases... Max
      [Vreede] concluded that the same pressing plant was probably
      responsible for all of these and this could account for the use of a
      Puritan label face down on the Sunset test..."

      Could this have been pressed by the Arto plant, as some sort of early
      test for the Sunset label? Is there any known connection between
      Sunshine (a label apparently reserved to paste on Ory's Nordskog
      records) and Sunset? Coincidence perhaps, but the one illustration of
      a Sunset record in Rust's 'The American Record Label Book' shows
      another Morton tune, "Milenburg [sic] Joys" on Sunset 1117.

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