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Re: Bixing

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  • Patrice Champarou
    ... From: Howard Rye
    Message 1 of 35 , Jul 9, 2006
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      From: "Howard Rye" <howard@...

      > I live in fear of eventually finding myself liking Joan Baez, whose
      > music I spent my own adolescence avoiding like the plague.

      Hum! Having myself just taken off my helmet an coat of mail after
      indicentally telling a gang of 'bluesfans' that I had always been unable
      to find any interest in Mr Hendrix' music, I wonder if outbursts of all
      kinds are not a seasonal phenomenon ;-)

    • Bob Eagle
      Yes, you re right. I was (clumsily) trying to provide an explanation why he was not described as Musician anywhere (aside from the AFM). Bob Howard Rye
      Message 35 of 35 , Jul 12, 2006
        Yes, you're right. I was (clumsily) trying to provide an explanation why he was not described as "Musician" anywhere (aside from the AFM).


        Howard Rye <howard@...> wrote:
        on 12/7/06 11:16, Prof_Hi_Jinx at prof_hi_jinx@... wrote:

        > George Tall (born Leavenworth, KS 25 September 1897) appears in various
        > Draft and Census listings, initially in Leavenworth (as late as 1918,
        > indexed as "Dfall" (?)), later in Kansas City, KS.
        > There is no Sam* Tall nearby.
        > On that basis, it seems sensible to forget Sam and go with George. George's
        > occupation is Porter or Janitor, but if he merely "strummed" a banjo, maybe
        > he was not too accomplished or active.

        Granted, but he was a member of the AFM and he did join Local 627 at the
        same time as other members of Moten's band.

        The records would seem to be a good basis for judgement of his skills!

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