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Re: Rite Tite - a tribute to Bix & Tram

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  • Albert Haim
    Hello Andreww, I just wrote to you off list. Yes, I have noticed the tribute to Bix and Tram in Benny Moten s Rite Tite. Here is what I wrote in
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 19, 2005
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      Hello Andreww,

      I just wrote to you off list.

      Yes, I have noticed the tribute to Bix and Tram in Benny Moten's "Rite

      Here is what I wrote in

      Bennie Moten's "Rite Tite": A Remarkable Recording
      by Albert Haim
      Norman and Frank,
      Thanks for calling our attention to this remarkable recording. I have
      enjoyed Bennie Moten's recordings for a long time (I like very much
      the tuba beat by Vernon Page from 1925 on), but this one is out of the
      ordinary. Not only do we hear (twice) Tram's break from "Singin' the
      Blues" but the trumpet player (Rust gives Ed Lewis and Booker
      Washington; which one is it? also Rust gives the instrument as a
      cornet; it sounds like a trumpet to me), produces a sound that,
      although it has none of the melody or harmony or tone of Bix's solo in
      "Singin' the Blues," is somewhat Bixian in "feeling." It reminds me a
      bit of Wild Bill Davison's solo in Benny Meroff's "Smilin' Skies"
      which at one point was thought to be by Bix (to my ears, not at all
      Bix's tone and style, but perhaps a "Bixian feeling.") The whole "Rite
      Tite" recording is, to my ears, different from other recordings by
      Bennie Moten at the time. It has more of a "ballad" than a "blues"
      feeling. If you want a wild guess on my part, this is Bennie Moten's
      tribute to Bix and Tram's "Singin' the Blues." Has anyone written
      about Benny Moten's intentions when he wrote and recorded this tune?

      Albert Posted on Feb 20, 2003, 4:09 AM



      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Andrew Homzy <homzy@v...> wrote:
      > Here's one that Dick Sudhalter "missed" in his great book, "Lost
      > Has anyone else noticed the fantastic tribute Bennie Moten's Kansas
      > Orchestra pays to Bix & Tram in their rendition of "Rite Tite"? Even
      > further, everyone imitates their white NYC counterpart including a
      > piano solo.
      > Familiar licks fly around like bats at crepuscule. For instance,
      you'll hear
      > the Tram-triplets from "Singin' The Blues" at two phrase endings.
      > Question: Are other pieces from this session so tributary?
      > Cheers,
      > Andrew Homzy, Montréal
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