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Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: politically correct

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  • Howard Rye
    ... In this sentence it appears to be just a redundant synonym for not offensive , and I can t see how that is applicable to the examples under discussion.
    Message 1 of 44 , May 2, 2006
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      on 2/5/06 22:41, Mordechai Litzman at folke613@... wrote:

      > Here are a few definitions of "politically correct": (Courtesy GU {Google
      > University}
      > Political correctness (also politically correct, P.C. or PC) is a term used to
      > describe language that appears calculated to provide a minimum of offense,
      > particularly to the racial or cultural groups being described.
      > The term is normally used in a pejorative or ironic sense, and is a frequent
      > target for comedians and satirists.Political correctness is a term generally
      > used to disparage efforts to raise awareness about and eliminate social and
      > political biases in language and other forms of representation. The term also
      > appears in the adjectival form politically correct (often abbreviated PC).
      > While it frequently refers to a linguistic phenomenon, it is also extended to
      > cover political ideology and behavior.
      > Exhibiting political correctness
      > Hope this is helpful - IMHO it applies to certain things that you cannot say
      > at certain times because it will make people upset. At various times in
      > history the music we like was played by Negroes, colored people, blacks or
      > Afro-Americans, and you have to know which expression is politically correct
      > at the moment.

      In this sentence it appears to be just a redundant synonym for "not
      offensive", and I can't see how that is applicable to the examples under

      Let's try it:

      "You seem to be under the spell of the "not offensive" theories that the
      black musicians were the originators, while the
      white musicians were "imitators"?"

      Is that what was meant? I took the sense to be the opposite!

      The nature of buzz words is that they are meaningless, isn't it?

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    • Andrew Homzy
      ... Everybody bought Paul Whiteman records. A.
      Message 44 of 44 , Jun 2, 2006
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        > Maybe you are right but I wonder how Oliver could listen to Whiteman,
        > I mean , was he allowed to enter a record store that is dedicated to
        > noncolored artists music and buy records ? Or maybe he entered one of
        > Whiteman's gigs ? Is it possible ?
        > tommersl

        Everybody bought Paul Whiteman records.

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