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Re: Bolden Cylinder continued-Marquis book on Bolden

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  • jazzguy1927
    -- wrote: Actually the whole story is considered in Tim Brooks s Lost Sounds on pages 514/5. I did
    Message 1 of 16 , Apr 5, 2006
      --< In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, Howard Rye <howard@...> wrote:
      Actually the whole story is considered in Tim Brooks's Lost Sounds on
      pages 514/5. I did remember correctly that the original claim was made
      by Willy Cornish (to Charles Edward Smith) in 1939, and this would
      indicate a date before 1898 when Cornish left Bolden's band. However,
      citation is of an account by Smith as late as 1957.>

      On page 44 of Donald Marquis book, "In Search Of Buddy Bolden" -
      Louisiana State University Press-1978, it confirms what you relate
      above-In 1939 Willie Cornish told Charles Edward Smith that the
      cylinder had been made before 1898.It also mentions that Smith along
      with Orin Blackstone and Bill Russell began an extensive search for it
      but their leads met frustrating dead ends.
      This indicates these authors of the pioneering book, Jazzmen,along with
      Orin Blackstone believed Cornish about the cylinder being made and its
      possible existance that they actually searched for it in 1939 when
      Cornish told them about it or sometime after 1939.Unfortunately they
      were unsuccessful in locating it.
      The search for the cylinder never died even after Smith's and Russell's
      fruitless searches because in 1951 the Second Line magazine in New
      Orleans, which was the magazine of the New Orleans Jazz Club,offered a
      monetary reward of $100 for information but nothing turned up from that
      effort either.

      I met Frederick Ramsey in 1982 at Tulane University in New Orleans when
      he was participating in a seminar on Jelly Roll Morton during the
      Tulane Hot Jazz Classic.Bill Russell also was a member of the Morton
      seminar panel.When i asked Ramsey about the cylinder then he said there
      were many stories about who recorded the cylinder including a man who
      owned a grocery store and recorded the band for his own amusement on a
      cylinder machine that could record on wax blanks as well as
      playback.Bill Russell then told me a story he had heard from a musician
      that Bolden had given the cylinder as a present in about the year 1900
      to a prostitute he knew who lived only a few blocks from his address on
      First Street.He even got her name from the musician and tryed to locate
      her in the 1940's but was unsuccessfull.-Tim
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