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Heads up on a DVD

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  • P.W. Fenton
    I d like to share a discovery. Several years ago, during one of many visits to my favorite U.S. city - New Orleans - I booked a Jazz History Tour with John
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2004
      I'd like to share a discovery. Several years ago, during one of many
      visits to my favorite U.S. city - New Orleans - I booked a "Jazz History
      Tour" with John McCusker, a photographer for the New Orleans Times
      Picayune, and a Jazz historian. It was a truly wonderful experience for
      me. As luck would have it, all the other people on that day's tour had
      cancelled due to some travel problem, and the tour was conducted for just
      me and my wife. It was a goose bumps producer for me (and my less
      musically involved wife enjoyed it as well). He even allowed me to audio
      record the entire tour.

      Well recently, I was looking at some pictures I had taken on that tour and
      I remembered the recordings. So I dug them up and played them. That very
      same day I learned that several historically important buildings that I
      visited on that tour had been torn down in order to build a parking
      garage. I thought about the fact that I had said to McCusker... "You know,
      this tour needs to be documented on video." He told me that he was talking
      to some people about that possibility.

      So the day I listened to my recording of the tour I decided to do a Google
      search on his name to see what he was up to. First I discovered that there
      is a popular Scottish musician with the same name. When I narrowed the
      search to Jazz related matches I discovered that there is a DVD available
      based on McCusker's tour called "The Story Of Jazz; New Orleans
      Stomp". It's a low budget production, but it's very well done. I am
      thrilled to own it. It's chock full of beautifully restored music, and
      contains bonus features that include a section on record restoration by
      restoration wizard Robert Parker.

      I'd bet anyone interested in this list would find something to enjoy about
      this DVD. If you are interested in it, here's a link to get you started...

      I am not related to this venture in any way. Just thought you'd be interested.

      P.W. Fenton
      New Port Richey, FL
      http://BluesLand.Net - A comprehensive network of Blues related resources
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