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Re: The San Francisco Jazz Scene In The 50's

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  • jazzguy1927
    ... wrote: Among them, one of my favorites was Uncle Bert , as I knew him. Actually, his name was Bert Bales or Burt Bales or something along those lines.
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 25, 2005
      *** Correct subject line restored, AGAIN!!! ***

      --- In RedHotJazz@yahoogroups.com, "Jeffrey Jastram" <mister_j@e...>
      Among them, one of my favorites was "Uncle Bert", as I knew him.
      his name was "Bert Bales" or "Burt Bales" or something along those
      lines. So, can anyone out there help me discover the facts
      about "Uncle Bert"?>

      Burt Bales was born March 10,1916 in Stevensville,Montana.His family
      moved to Northern California when Burt was quite young.He became a
      dance band musician and worked with various dance and hotel bands
      over the years.He discovered Jelly Roll Morton and then shifted his
      style to that direction.In 1940 he became a part of the Lu Watters
      band who was a central figure in the New Orleans revival.He stayed
      with Watters band until he was drafted into the army in 1943.In 1946
      he was a soloist at the "1018" club.From 1948 through 1951 he played
      in the bands of Bob Scoby and Turk Murphy.Then he played "Pier 23"
      for many years as a soloist.He recorded solos for Good Time Jazz in
      1949 which were released in a 10" lp in the 1950's.He also recorded
      for ABC Paramount.
      I have an lp of his piano solos for the Euphonic label entitled New
      Orleans Ragtime Vol. 10 Piano solos by Burt Bales ESR 1210.The date
      on the lp is 1975 but i am not sure that is when the recordings were
      The other lp i have of him is a 10" lp on the Good Time Jazz label
      L19 from 1953 entitled "Burt Bales:After Hours Piano"-The 8 tunes in
      the album were recorded in October, 1949.
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