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Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Dink Johnson, was Euphonic

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  • Mordechai Litzman
    Maybe this got lost on Howard s post: Jelly Roll Morton married Johnson s sister Bessie. ... He was the brother of Anita Gonzales, whose name was really Bessie
    Message 1 of 11 , Oct 19, 2005
      Maybe this got lost on Howard's post: Jelly Roll Morton married Johnson's sister Bessie.

      Howard Rye <howard@...> wrote:on 19/10/05 1:24, ikey100 at wlmoorman3@... wrote:

      > Wasn't Dink Johnson somehow related to Jellyroll Morton? I thought I
      > recalled hearing that he was, possibly also to bassist Bill Johnson,
      > and that they all were in Los Angeles in the early 20's. Perhaps I'm
      > getting things confused, but I thought that was one impetus for his
      > belated recording, just as Brun Campbell's personal connection to
      > Sedalia pianists was a factor in his rediscovery. I do know that Butch
      > Thompson has often praised Dink's playing.

      He was the brother of Anita Gonzales, whose name was really Bessie Johnson,
      so his brother-in-law. Bassist Bill Johnson was another brother.

      Jelly Roll stayed with Dink (really Ollie) and Stella Johnson when he moved
      to Los Angeles in 1940 and and enthusiast called Bill Colburn met Dink when
      he visited. Dink gave him his business card which Colburn passed on to Bill
      Russell who followed the lead-up in 1946 and Dink got to record. It's a nice
      story, and may actually be true.

      As I look this up I find that for the 1946 session Bud Scott and Ed Garland
      were credited as Louis Gonzales (geddit!) and José Mendoza because they were
      AFM members and Dink wasn't!

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