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Re: JSP. Was Walter Bennett (yet again)

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  • soundofcd
    Hi Patrice, ... might find some discussion about the Revenant/JSP topic there (at least if you re patient enough to search the archives;)
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 4, 2004
      Hi Patrice,

      > I can't remember if you're also on the pre-war-blues group but you
      might find some discussion about the Revenant/JSP topic there (at
      least if you're patient enough to search the archives;)<

      I am, but I'm new there as well, but I'll certainly check the
      archives out.

      To be honest, I don't always know what is legit JSP or Properbox, and
      what isn't. And I certainly wouldn't want to put anyone off buying
      that which either company (or anyone else) has purchased and
      published legitimately.

      But I do get to be worried when small labels like Frog and Origin
      find their market and their earnings reduced by non-legitimate
      copyists. It damages them and if such companies are forced out of
      business, or forced to reduce their output, it damages us. Perhaps
      there's a service there, which we could do for each other, and for
      genuine record companies, in blowing the whistle on this and other
      boards, whenever we encounter examples of piracy.

      In any event, the JSP Patton set was too hard faced for words.
      Unlike, one presumes, some of JSP's other releases, the ink was
      barely dry on the Revenant set before JSP had their rip off copy on
      the record racks. There are a lot of things which I don't like about
      the Revenant. In fact, when I reviewed it, I was tempted to dismiss
      the whole thing as pretentious tosh. I didn't because it was put
      together with the best of intentions, by a group of lifelong Patton
      enthusiasts, whose last conceivable consideration was, presumably,
      how much money they could make out of the product. For those reasons,
      it deserves to be left alone.

      Incidentally, I don't know what the situation is in other countries.
      However, as far as I can gather, this kind of copying is not illegal
      in Britain, as long as the material is out of copyright. Does anyone
      know any different ?

      I can't say I've heard of Langel, but it certainly sounds one to


      Fred McCormick

      > I'm not sure this is completely off-topic, if it is I'm sure a
      *reasonable* amount of off-topic stuff does no harm, but if I
      understand you rightly you think it would be a correct attitude
      to "avoid" JSP releases, and I cannot
      > completely agree.
      > I mean, everyone is perfectly entitled to start a crusade and
      > mention illegal behaviours, but
      > - I'm not sure this would be more efficient than trying to boycott
      > international company whose policy is a crime against the human
      race or the
      > future of the planet (maybe that would mean boycotting them all ;)
      > - I do not think the whole staff who works for one of the rare and
      > companies who bother making pre-war recordings available to us is
      > responsible for pirating other's material.
      > - As long as there are laws that enable companies to solve the
      > the customer who is lucky to find such material at a
      > reasonable price has no reason to feel personally guilty. If I
      could have
      > afforded the Revenant box (a superb object, Robert Sacré showed it
      to me
      > when I visited him in Liège) I wouldn't have bought the cheap-
      > Pattons instead, but the fact is that some JSP box sets can be
      found in some
      > large records shops, even in France, at an affordable price (unlike
      > Yazoo's) and this is less of a mind pollution than the majority of
      what is
      > usually filed under "blues";)
      > Incidentally, this reminds me that I do not consider blues as
      a "category of
      > jazz" and makes me wonder if a book written by René Langel
      > tiltled "Le Jazz orphelin de l'Afrique") has been translated into
      > It's great food for thought, the largest collection of
      > faked arguments and comtempt for early jazz I've ever read!
      > Patrice
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