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Re: [RedHotJazz] I have a Black Bottom Stompers Lp on VJM but not Cy Laurie

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  • Hugh Crozier
    OK - I ll ask him. I have a gig with George in October. I know he sells CDs at gigs but I don t know what s on them. Hugh ... Stompers and Cy Laurie took over
    Message 1 of 26 , Aug 15, 2005
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      OK - I'll ask him. I have a gig with George in October. I know he sells CDs at gigs but I don't know what's on them.


      Linda <jazzgirl1920s@...> wrote:
      > I co-founded a band that is still going called the Blackbottom
      Stompers and Cy Laurie took over on clarinet when the original
      clarinettist, John Maddocks, left. Cy was, of course, very well known
      not only from his club but also the Esquire sides Linda mentions. I
      was therefore very keen to hear the band after he joined and was
      frankly disappointed because he played out of tune throughout. I
      think he was trying to overblow so no doubt he blew the instrument
      > There is actually a musician in the UK, George Huxley (who
      coincidentally sometimes works with Maddocks these days), who
      produces a far more authentic Dodds sound than Cy Laurie did. >

      I have a Blackbottom Stompers Lp on VJM LC 13S but unfortunately John
      Maddocks is on clarinet instead of Cy Laurie.Are there any Lp's of
      this band with Cy Laurie?The only recording i have of Cy Laurie past
      his 1950's Esquire period is Max Collie Rhythm Aces on Reality Lp
      R105 1 W-It is a live concert recording made in Bremen, West Germany
      on September 28, 1971.Are there any other recordings of Cy Laurie
      with this band or any other band after the 1950's Esquire period when
      he lead his own band?

      John R.T. Davies sent me an Lp acetate of Cy Laurie but he didn't
      identify the source of the recordings or the date they were made-
      These titles were on the acetate- 1. Joe Turner Blues 2. Buddy's
      Habits 3. Canal Street Blues 4. Runnin' Wild 5. Krooked Blues
      6.Gatemouth 7. Bugle Boy March- Can anyone tell me if these titles
      match some Esquire Lp recorded in the 1950's?

      Would it be possible to send me a tape or cd copy of some recordings
      with George Huxley? You mention he produces a far more authentic
      Dodds sound than Cy Laurie did- I would really like to hear him and
      compare his Dodds sound to Cy Laurie- thanks, Linda

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