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Re: Oscar Celestin 1950

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  • David N. Lewis
    I like LeVaux too - I have the old Southland 10 that it s on and have played it on radio several times. I also very much like the version of Tiger Rag
    Message 1 of 5 , Aug 11, 2005
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      I like "LeVaux" too - I have the old Southland 10" that it's on and
      have played it on radio several times. I also very much like the
      version of "Tiger Rag" from "This is Cinerama" that was issued on a
      late Columbia 78. It kicks. Would love to see the film, but I hear
      it's technically "lost" - the only surviving prints are bumped down to
      an aspect ratio somewhat smaller than actual Cinerama, and represent
      no more than visual ruins. Unbelievable stupidity must've led to that

      Uncle Dave Lewis

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      > > > I bought via iTunes Musicstore the album
      > I quite like Celestin's number "Marie LeVeau", but
      > find most of the rest of that CD to be rather
      > pedestrian, and not too "hot", it sounds like "Tourist
      > Dixieland" to me...especially all that Gospel; but the
      > song line-up on this one is a bit different, I see
      > several numbers from the Hot Five and the Red Hot
      > Peppers that I quite like...I see that's available
      > from Amazon used for under $10...what's the sound
      > quality like?
      > Cheers,
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