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9716Re: [RedHotJazz] Youngsters and jazz

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  • David Brown
    Jun 20, 2014
      Hi BT

      Trad was -- mostly -- awful indeed.

      ( And who invented Trad anyway with the probably even bedclothes penetrating banjo clunk ? Denis Preston ? Peter Leslie ?  Interesting what is the first Trad record as opposed to Revivalist record ? Barber ?)

      But at least Trad bands brought in current pop repertoire and even non jazz tunes. Not the frozen archaism I just referred to elsewhere.


      btlafayette@... [RedHotJazz] wrote:
      Hi Dave and Michael,

      Perhaps what it boils down to is that jazz and blues revivalism was a reflection of the prevailing social and political climate, depending to a certain extent on where you happened to live. Whether it was the sea-change in US racial awareness, nostalgia for the lost world of the 1920s, UK disenchantment with rationing books, or a need to turn the page on the Third Reich, the general direction seems to have been pretty similar. However, I still hide under the bedclothes at childhood memories of the hellish marriage between riveted ride-cymbal and clanging banjo, so beloved of certain benighted traddies.
      I share your disenchantment with the mix-and-match vacuity and cynicism of so much alleged World Music. However, on the positive side, I think that these days there is a more balanced appreciation of the family relationship between apparently unrelated idioms, in the past simply dismissed out of hand as irrelevant or valueless.

      My best,


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