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9556Re: [RedHotJazz] Group' status - was: William Covington Perry

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  • alan504450
    Jun 13 11:54 PM
      Exchange of information is good, whether it is frequent or not. It is good to know that there is such a group for fans of red hot jazz &c.
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      Hi Dave, Laurel, and Anyone Else!

      You have commented wondering how active this Group has been lately, and are correct in noting little posting in the last months.

      I have never been a strong participant here, and have noted in the past that others have been MUCH more knowledgeable than I in most of the topics brought up.  I confess to being more of a looker and lurker than a post-er, but have really enjoyed learning a lot about some great early Jazz Music here.

      I figured I ought to post something now, though, to let you and any others that there is some breathing going on among the bushes around here.  :)  I have been involved in a number of things lately, and thus not on line much since maybe early March.  I am hoping to get caught up and back into at least an occasional contribution to this group soon.

      I do hope others will get active here again, too.
      Same here ! Someone suggested I should launch new topics from time to time, but what is happening just now is much more promising than any artficial survival operation. We are exactly 892 subscribers today, most of whom never posted... some have been here for ten years, and ramained faithful to the “email” option, I guess, to have the feeling they are “part of it” but we are a majority – even myself as the founder/owner of this group – who are mostly here for learning.
      I have just made a change to the group’s status which, I think might give it a kick, setting the normal status to “unmoderated”. Beause it matches the normal status of all active members, because it has always been a real chore to individually “un-moderate” new subscrbers, and because neither Yahoo nor myself can cope with such a sign of good health as floods of messages to “approve” in no time.
      This will not affect security, I think, since “indivdual” spammers have nearly disappeared (robots do that much better, and they have very little chance to be allowed in the group !) We’ll keep watching anyway.
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