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9512Some copyright consideration

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  • Andrew Taylor
    Nov 25 8:03 AM
      Hi all,
      Here's the US government on Fair Use:
      Here's an article saying the same kind of things regarding images: http://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/copyright-fair-use-and-how-it-works-for-online-images/

      I've been scanning some images from Rose & Souchon's awesome photo book New Orleans Jazz: A Family Album, and about the fact that you can't "piggy-back" on a copyright (I did a little research on that as it had been a while). 

      I'm currently reading L. Gushee's Pioneers of Jazz: The Story of the Creole Band (2007), for which the author found and included a number of great old images from newspapers and the like.  Might reproduce one of the images he found if it feels like an okay thing to do.

      Use of out-of-copyright work reproduced in copyrighted work (my take):
      • Try and be fair
        i.e., if it doesn't feel like Fair Use, it ain't

      • Contact source creator
        "Dear Prof. [whoever] hope you don't mind that I want to use your work."
      • Just use a little - stay well under 10 percent of any one source or it's stealing

      • Attribution
        Say where you got it, what page and everything. The more info the better for everyone

      • Give a link to the source volume, protect the investment of the author
        <a href="http://www.amazon.com/New-Orleans-Jazz-Family-Album/dp/0807111732"><i>Rose& Souchon, New Orleans Jazz: A Family Album (1978) p. 225</a>

      • Find a way to say thanks, ("Rose & Souchon's awesome photo book New Orleans Jazz: A Family Album") - they did the work, I didn't

      Regards, Andrew

      Andrew Taylor, MLS
      Associate Curator, Visual Resources
      Department of Art History, Rice University
      "It's a tribute!" - Eddie Murphy on copying Richard Pryor's routines back in the day

      On 11/24/2013 1:57 AM, alan.bond@... wrote:

      This is correct - anything out of copyright before 2013 remains out of copyright. The law only extends copyright on things which are already or still in copyright or have yet to be published. None of this would affect anything on RHJA.
      TTFN - 007

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      From: Marcus Girvan <lastofthebarons@...>
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      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Red Hot Jazz Archive down

      But surely any new law on copyright does not bring into copyright anything which is already out of copyright? A new law can't be retrospective. As I understand it this is the case with copyright in those countries within the European Union. Anything out of copyright before 2013 remains out of copyright.



      On 24 Nov 2013, at 01:47, Andrew Taylor wrote:

      Makes sense.  Of course the Red Hot Jazz Archive project was pre-YouTube/Soundcloud/etc. so now a lot of that stuff can be linked to rather than loaded on to the site itself. - Andrew

      Quoting Mordechai Litzman <folke613@...>:
      I believe that the main concern Scott had was the change in the music copyright laws which were extended much longer than in the past.

      My impression was that he did not want legal troubles and did not see a way out. The other concern was that the platform which the RHJA was built on was outdated.

      I am under the impression that he lives in California and could be located.

      On Saturday, November 23, 2013 4:27 AM, Patrice Champarou <patrice.champarou@...> wrote:
      Sent: Saturday, November 23, 2013 9:50 AM
      Subject: Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Red Hot Jazz Archive down
      Hi Folks,
                       RHJA is still working for me. I accessed it a few minutes ago and it was working fine.
      TTFN - 007
      Strange things are happening... I opened one page a few minutes ago, and instead of the Realplayer, the tune I clicked on requested... the VLC player !
      At this very minute, no link seems to work any longer... and I cannot even access the welcome page with Firefox, Chrome, or Opera (only I.E. takes me to the address)
      Re: Peter, it is not only a matter of respect for Scott’s work, but for anyone who is curretly hosting the site (and was probably granted the right to do so).
      Be it only for technical reasons...  if I fancied hosting a mirror of the site at, say, http://earlyjazz.org (which I bought long ago in case it would become useful some day)
      every single page would soon appear as a “competing” one on Google – which “is not done” IMO.
      The first thing I plan to do is make another copy of the site to see if there have been any changes, trying to understand if “someone" is currently “doing something” about it ! And maybe attempt once again to get in touch with that “someone”... but below is all the info I could get :
      Domain Name: REDHOTJAZZ.COM
      Registry Domain ID:
      Registrar WHOIS Server:
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