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    Aug 22, 2013
      What's happened with Alan's e-mail account, and my own, is that British Telecom have until now offered a free webmail account, tied in with the e-mail for their own customers. Now you have to become one of their customers if you want to hang on to your mail account as hitherto, with the archive of past e-mails, either a full customer or one who pays modestly for an e-mail service. I'm stuck paying for mine, at least for the time being.
      It is annoying that the notification of this was not accompanied by a warning that people with the same sort of account were liable to be spammed with fake messages advising about the change. At least the service is good enough to let subscribers discover that some supposed official mails come from Polish addresses, or even aol accounts (a free service which remains free).
      I shouldn't imagine anybody else will get mails associated with this changeover.
      I remember a few years ago there was a news story about a spamming centre closed down, and immediately after that spam reduced drastically. The volume does seem to have been increasing again more recently, though I have never had any experience like that of working within a German university, before the responsible parties realised they needed to block mails which went to absolutely everybody.  
      The current changeover is just a business wrinkle -- and I thought it worth while reassuring other list members. Since I am not changing my account I am not inconvenienced as Alan is.

      all the best,
      Robert R. Calder

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