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9460Armstrong's 1929 Mahogany Hall Stomp - different speeds

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  • Andrew Taylor
    May 10, 2013
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      Hi all,

      Wondered if any of you had noticed the following and had any opinions or
      observations about the following.

      I was listening just now (on iTunes) to probably my favorite Armstrong
      tune, *Mahogany Hall Stomp* from 1929. It was the version from
      Columbia's /Vol V: Louis iin New York/ CD. Then out of curiousity I
      switched to the same recording included (as an additional track) on the
      Phil Schaap-produced /The Complete Hot Five and Hot Sevens Recordings/.
      4-volume set.
      In addition to being brighter than the Columbia CD version (too much
      so), the Schaap one was distinctly faster than the Columbia one.

      I just checked the length on iTunes, and indeed Schaap's clocks in at
      3:17, as opposed to Columbia's 3:27.

      I much prefer the Columbia one, but I grew up listening to that one
      (came out in 1990, Schaap's came out in 2000) so that doesn't
      necessarily make it better or more accurate. I'm 42, so the Columbia
      series was my first introduction to much of Armstrong's 1920s work. For
      me the Schaap Mahogany loses the perfectly measured groove of the
      Columbia one.

      Has anyone else noticed this, or have an opinion? I expect there are
      better recordings than either of these, but these are what I know.

      The first cassette of Hot Fives I got in the 1980s /was //all/ recorded
      at strange speeds!

      Thanks for any insights,

      Andrew Taylor

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