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9458Re: The Cabin in the Cotton (1932)

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    May 1, 2013
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      Orendorf should be recognisable aurally from his nice King Oliver style --
      I gathered he had an interesting later life, but don't know details.

      Lawrence Brown sounded like the Lawrence Brown Cab Calloway said

      was the one Ellingtonian he would most have liked in his band.

      And of course Harvey Brooks (an estimable player) should be aurally recognisable,

      he was the pianist Cary Grant was miming to around about the time
      he asked Mae West if she's ever met a menn she thought could make her

      really happy...
      Lotsa times, no doubt readers of this posting will chorus, word perfect with her.

      Of course Grant had a different miming style to that displayed by

      James Stewart in ANATOMY OF A MURDER ....
      (please don't tell me Stewart was fingering to a different pianist --
      the very man for whom Ruby Braff expressed a singular loathing when told this pianist
      had engaged Brown to do plunger mute work.

      "Lawrence? He had Lawrence do that?")

      I even saw Lawrence doing that, in person: life has not been entirely sour!

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