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9420Re: Lucille Bogan & Charles Avery

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  • warrington1@btinternet.com
    Feb 3, 2013
      Thanks for pointing me towards Whiskey Selling Woman. I have enjoyed Lucille Bogan's records for many years without coming across this one. How strange given its quality that it doesn't appear on many compilations of her work (or other compilations for that matter). The phrase (Bob's I think) that meant I HAD to seek it out was this one: "Each verse is treated like a variation on its own, with an evolutionary sense of brilliance throughout." Well put! It made me think of the really accomplished accompanists - Blind Blake's guitar backing to his own Police Dog Blues, for instance, where each instrumental break between his singing is unique. But it also made me go to my LP collection to find a track I had had similar thoughts about when I first heard it many years ago: Irene's Bakershop Blues by Wiley and Wiley [Irene and Arnold]. Arnold Wiley does similarly inventive things as he accompanies each verse with a new variation. Thanks, RedHotJazz.
      Phil Warrington
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