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9367Re: [RedHotJazz] Fats Waller Project: NEW VINYL Release from Rivermont

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    Dec 2, 2012
      Sounds very interesting so has got to be worth a try. While on the subject of Fats Waller, a friend of mine who passed away a good many years ago now, was around the jazz secene in London in the '30s and was in the know with record producers and the like. He was able to get in on a lot of the recording sessions and, particularly, rehearsals. When Fats was over here in 1938 and 1939 Hugh was able to go along to the recording sessions on the back of the fact that he knew Edmundo Ros. At one of the rehersal sessions the musicians were gathered when Fats asked them to 'come round the back of piano and meet my manager' and there were two cases of scotch which he proceeded to hand round, one bottle per man. I am told that the rehearsals were even better than the actual recording sessions themselves.
                      From another site I received a link to a new set of recordings by Bryan Ferry, not a name to conjure with among jazz fans, but I would be interested to hear any comments from members of this group after listening to the sample track and the video which the link leads to. This is the link :-


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      Subject: [RedHotJazz] Fats Waller Project: NEW VINYL Release from Rivermont

      Please forgive another shameless plug, but my Rivermont label has a 
      brand-new vinyl LP release (also on CD) that I think may be of 
      interest to RedHotJazz members. It's an album saluting Fats Waller and 
      His Rhythm, played by a terrific young Chicago jazz group called the 
      Fat Babies. I know I'm biased, but these guys *really* get it! They 
      have that 1930s small group swing down. Most of the musicians are 78 
      collectors themselves, and they use their intimate knowledge of that 
      musical era to play authentically in the style of Fats Waller and His 
      Rhythm without copying the original records note-for-note. Paul Asaro, 
      noted stride pianist, led the session and really captures the humor of 
      Fats's vocal delivery without imitating Fats. The rest of the band 
      includes John Otto (reeds), Andy Schumm (cornet), Jake Sanders 
      (guitar), Beau Sample (bass), and Alex Hall (guitar).

      Please stop by the Rivermont website and take look and a listen. The 
      record is called "What a Heavenly Dream: The Fats Waller Rhythm 
      Project" by Paul Asaro and The Fat Babies. It's available in crystal-
      clear vinyl or standard black vinyl -- and all vinyl orders include a 
      complimentary copy of the CD as well.


      We've also got new CD reissues of vintage recordings by Frank Westphal 
      and His Orchestra and The Shannon Quartet as well, with terrific 
      booklets by Mark Berresford (VJM) and Glenn Robison (Rapidly Rotating 
      Records), respectively.

      Thank you for your purchases and encouragement that enable Rivermont 
      to keep going!

      Bryan W.


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