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    Jun 27, 2012
      As with many artistes, no doubt the Ma Rainey sides would have had alternative masters in case of high demand. With the quality of the Paramount recordings being somewhat lower than most, it probably meant that the masters wore out rather quicker that with the better quality labels so additional masters would have been essential. Having said that, I think you will find the Autograph label even worse as testified by the Oliver/Morton duets on that label. The late Richard Grandorge quoted Rex Harris as saying that the recording engineer used a hammer and chisel to cut the grooves while his elbow was nudged by Joe Oliver to indicate the notesĀ  to be recorded. An interesting concept indeed !
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      Dear Alan and Patrice,

      Many thanks for your input regarding the number of recordings made by Ma Rainey.

      According to the web-site '... keep on living ...' there are only 94 titles (counting later recordings of the same titles as different titles), and these are all on the Red Hot Jazz Archive site. However, in addition, 19 titles have two takes that seem to be issued on the same Paramount label, bringing the grand total of viable recordings up to 119, thus validating the claim that Ma Rainey made more than a 100 recordings. I can only assume that those 19 titles had to be issued or re-issued using two different masters due to technical reasons (e.g. lost or damaged masters before the issue was complete). If anyone has any original Ma Rainey Paramounts it would be interesting to know if the matrix number scratched into the wax also includes the take number.

      Kind Regards

      Bob Smith

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