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9161Help locating stray sessions in reissue

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  • ikey100
    Jun 1, 2012
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      I'm hoping to hear some of these sessions, I'd have thought them mostly not terribly obscure, but none of them are on the RHJA. I'm happy to purchase them where available. Can anyone advise about whether these sessions are available in a CD format reissue? Of those that are not, does anyone perhaps have files to share of any of the material?

      1. Don Redman: 1939, Victor (8 tracks, including "Ain't I Good To You")
      (Redman Chronological Classics ends prior to these tracks)

      2. Emmet Mathews: 1936, Vocalion (8 tracks, only his 1931 coupling with Laura Rucker appears available on Document)

      3. Snub Moseley: Decca, 1940-42 (12 tracks, prev. on Whiskey Women & LP)

      4. Any Teddy Weatherford (previously available on several LP reissues)

      5. Any Graham Jackson ???

      Thanks for your consideration.
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