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9125RE: [RedHotJazz] Oscar 'Bernie' Young

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  • David Brown
    Mar 5, 2012
      Howard's Oscar Young, 21 in 1920 Chicago, makes me question just how New
      Orleanian was his style. At the very least, he came to Chicago before full
      maturity and maybe even earlier. This I can believe because his style
      conforms to no N.O. model. His earliest sides are stiff with much mute work
      and suggest nobody more than Johnny Dunn. Later -- assuming this is the same
      player -- he absorbs Chicago Oliver, to whom his mature style is nearest.

      However, the photos in the Frog annual, especially that of the Wisconsin
      Orchestra of 1928, seem to show an older man but then that could have been
      due to wear and tear down at the mill.

      We seem to have no reports after about 1930 or ?


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