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9046"Tiger Rag" (NORK, 1923) & "I Need Some Pettin'" (Wolverine Orch., 1924)

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  • feargal1@att.net
    Feb 23, 2012
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      The three audio-files uploaded and deleted yesterday were "Tiger Rag" (New Orleans Rhythm Kings, 1923); "Ory's Creole Trombone" (7 Pods of Pepper, 1922); and "Panama" (Johnnie Miller, 1929). They were bad copies that I should have checked, and I will soon upload good copies of the same 1922 and 1929 recordings.

      The repacement for "Tiger Rag" (NORK, 1923) is in the Files section today, along with the Wolverine Orchestra's 1924 Gennet rendition of "I Need Some Pettin'". In the latter, the late Verne Buland's excellence in digital remastering is quite apparent. He has removed the sort of acoustic cloudiness which always made the Wolverine band sound as if it were playing in the next room. The removal of it leaves us now face to face with an unacknowledged classic, the 32-bar cornet solo by Bix Beiderbecke.

      In contrast, the saxophone-fog of the New Orleans Rhythm Kings' recordings is an insurmountable difficulty. But "Tiger Rag" is an exception. Here it is easier to hear what is happening in Leon Roppolo's fine clarinet work and in the grand NORK ensemble performance.

      Most music players are now compatible .OGG format used by Buland in and before 2004.

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