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90147 Pods of Pepper, NORK, and Johnny Miller files

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  • feargal1@att.net
    Feb 22, 2012
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      All three of these uploads to the Links section have the advantage of the late Verne Buland's digital remastering. They're in the .OGG format, which most playback programs can handle nowadays.

      A few bars into the first of them, "Ory's Creole Trombone", you hear a brief skip in the original 78rpm--I think that's what it was--but nothing else disturbs this fine example of New Orleans ensemble counterpoint.

      In the NORK's "Tiger Rag" the saxophone-music is just a subdued mumbling, and one can hear everything that clarinetist Rappolo--excuse me, "Roppolo"--is doing.

      Finally, if you wonder why folks in New Orleans thought that Sharkey Bonano was hot stuff, his work here on one of the Johnny Miller sides might give you an idea.

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