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8963Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Reissues - Schaap's Hot 5s&7s set

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  • Charles Zigmund
    Feb 16, 2012
      I am frankly not a connoisseur of sound quality and remastering*, but I
      bought Schaap's remastering several years ago just to have good new set of
      all the recordings including the ones under other musicians' names. I was
      shocked to find the CDs were glued into the cardboard sleeves with a few
      little dabs of waxy glue which touched the backs, and therefore the tracks,
      at some points. I also read on the internet of other peoples' extreme
      dismay at finding this, including some who heard damage on tracks and wrote
      the company demanding replacements, which I believe were supplied free.
      Before doing so myself, I cleaned mine up as best I could and ascertained
      that no damage appeared to have been done to the playbacks on mine. I have
      stored them inside plastic jewel boxes ever since, rendering the
      attractively packaged box unusable.

      Can a more asinine packaging arrangement be imagined? I would advise anyone
      contemplating buying the set to call the company and find out if they have
      improved the packaging by leaving out this glue. If not, alternate issues
      are available, including some rated by audiophiles as better.

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