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8920Billie Holliday and " A Yiddish Mame "

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  • Alexandre Litwak
    Jan 21, 2012
      Hello everyone,

      A while ago I participated in this forum by proposing a recording of Yiddish Mama played by a swing band and I received a complete and satisfying analysis of this recording. I am here to present a recording of the same song, this time sung by Billie Holliday, I believe in 1956. I think a number of you already know this version, no doubt recorded between two "real" takes... I was wondering if you know anything about this version? Who is playing? Why are they amusing themselves with this particular song? At a certain moment, we hear the cooing of a baby, which for me makes the recording even more poignant.

      Thanks in advance.

      Alexandre Litwak
      Swing musician and archivist in the French center of jewish musics (www.cmfj.fr)
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