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8907Re: [RedHotJazz] Re: Frank "Josh" Billings

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  • Nick Dellow
    Dec 2, 2011
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      Sorry Gerry, I didn't give enough related information with respect to the
      Metronome photo and the fact that it was originally reproduced in the
      magazine courtesy of Frank Trumbauer.

      There are actually two editions of Metronome that include this photo
      - November 1938 and July 1940. On page 19 of the November 1938 edition,
      there is an article entitled "Bix" by Frank Trumbauer. There are two photos
      on that page. One is of Bix and Tram, which is the same as that given in
      the July 1940 Metronome, reproduced in your article. The caption reads "Bix
      and Trumbauer" (no credit specified). The other photo on the page is the
      one of Friedman, Bix and Whiteman on the same train platform (as also
      referred to in my previous message). The caption reads "Izzy Friedman
      (clarinetist), Bix and Whiteman. (Pictures this page courtesy Frank
      Trumbauer.)" As the caption specifies that both photos are "courtesy Frank
      Trumbauer" we can safely assume that the original source of the Metronome
      photo, as reproduced in your article, is Frank Trumbauer.


      On 1 December 2011 23:08, gerry.paton <gerry.paton@...> wrote:

      > **
      > "Another clue is the fact that in the Metronome article the photo of Bix
      > and Trumbauer was reproduced courtesy of Frank Trumbauer."
      > There's no mention of this in the Metronome article Nick (I own a copy).
      > Perhaps in one of the other publications that you mentioned? Until I've
      > checked those references (will do so in the New Year) I'll leave the photo
      > in.
      > I have rewritten that section, however, so that it's only a possibility
      > that the photo is of Josh (and not a certainty). Will change things again
      > if necessary (once I've checked the other publications - thanks again!)

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