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8900RE: [RedHotJazz] Carmelo Jari with Jelly Roll Morton?

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  • David Brown
    Nov 15, 2011
      First, many thanks to everybody who has offered me input.

      I have now further researched this, in conjunction with Laurie Wright's seminal 'Mr Jelly Lord'.

      05 March. The player is most likely Ernie Bullock, a second or third rank black player. No white session man would be so technically fallible.

      19/20 March. Definitely the same player on both sessions. On aural evidence of the Pirons, very far from Tio, whose daughter remembered a proposed session with Morton. Also aurally not Baquet. Also not Andy Sannella, Nat Shilkret's clarinet soloist, who was actually a fine musician on several instruments but whose sound and style and technical competence exclude him from any of these sessions. Also, on evidence of clarinet work with Wooding, not Jerry Blake, whose name appears, probably because he was of Latin American or Spanish or Caribbean extraction, in some discographies. Also NOT Jari on evidence of his work Clarence or Savoy Bearcats. The player here is following Morton's dots, especially 'Ponchatrain', and we are left with Addison's remembrance of 'a Cuban boy' he mistook for deceased Jari. There were many Latino, and especially Puerto Rican, musicians active NYC at this time.

      02 June. unk saxophonists doubling clarinet. Cozy Cole suggested at different times both Bullock and Ernest Elliot. The playing on the session 05 March, accepted Bullock, is better than this and Elliot was a clarinet specialist who played in a style instantly recognisable.

      09 Oct. The only possible candidate for Morton's 'Victor house man' -- 'Eddie' but the playing here is technically the weakest of all on these sessions. Laurie Wright suggests this possible for the Tio session. If so, it would show him much amended and sadly declined .

      I confirm again absence of Jari on these sides.

      The question which remains, apart from the identities of the clarinettists, is why Morton apparently concocted two stories of white musicians with diametrically opposed abilities. The specific mention of Shilkret is, if a lie, maybe an elaboration too far which could have led to contradiction.

      Morton specialists ?


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